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Last Updated: 30 Sep 2019

Fomo is a social proof marketing platform that allows you to create customizable web push notifications, which you can integrate with your landing pages.

This manual will walk you through how to integrate your form with Fomo and add a snippet of code to your LP, so you will be able to show off leads from your LPs as Fomo notifications (Step I) and display them on your landing pages (Step II). If you want to change the look of your notifications, check Step III.

Step I – Integrate the form with Fomo via POST

This makes your leads shows as Fomo notifications. This step allows you only to transform leads into Fomo notifications – if you want also to display the Fomo notification on your LPs, follow the next step as well.

Configuration on Fomo side:

1. Log into your Fomo account, navigate to Integrations > Landingi and click to connect.
2. Go to Webhook URL inside Fomo and copy the URL, which you will use later to paste inside Landingi platform.

Configuration on Landingi side:

1. Log in to the platform, go to the Landing Pages tab and go to edit the selected landing.
2. In the Editor, go to the Form Settings -> Integrations. Find and click on Send the form to an URL as POST.


3. Paste in the field URL address the URL provided to you by Fomo (1) and click Save and close (2) on the top right.


4. Re-publish your landing page.

From now on, the new leads that fill out your form will be turned into Fomo notifications. If you want to show Fomo notifications on your landing pages, follow the Step II.

Step II – Embed the code to your landing page to show Fomo notifications

Add the snippet of JS code to show Fomo notifications of your chosen landing page.

1. Go to the Dashboard of the landing page to which you want to add the Fomo notifications, navigate to the JavaScript Code tab and click Add script. More details about adding your own Javascript you can find here.

2. Name the script – for example ‘Fomo’ and paste the entire script tag from your Fomo > Settings > Embed page. You can find that here.

3. Depends on where you want to load Fomo notifications, determine to display it on your conversion page, thank you page or both.

4. Finally, click Save.

The code is added to your landing page.

Fill out the form for testing purposes and check if your leads are turning into Fomo notifications correctly.

Step III – Modify your Fomo notifications

You can modify the messaging and variables of your Fomo notifications in Fomo > Integrations > Landingi.

This is how the exemplary Fomo notification can look like:


You may connect unlimited Landingi forms to the same ‘instance’ or by clicking in Fomo Connect New > Integrations > Landingi.

Connecting multiple instances allows you to have unique messaging, rules, and themes for every landing page, for example displaying leads for Product A only on Product A landing page.

Advanced Features (Optional):

Location mapping

Fomo will pull the city, province, and country location details from each of your leads based on the visitor’s IP address.

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