Freshmail integration


Freshmail is effective email marketing tool, to manage your leads. If you want to get help with this integration, please follow the instructions below.

Freshmail account configuration

  • Create an account and log into your Freshmail account. Later on, you will see the dashboard, like below. Click “Subscribers”:
Freshmail integration
  • Now you can add your subscriber’s list.
    It is important, that ‘test list’ is automatically added when you registered with given email address.
    At this point, let’s create a list with name e.g. “Test”:
Freshmail integration
Freshmail integration
  • Once you’ve analyzed the “Subscribers” tab, you can move to “Settings” – where you can find the API key, which you need for integration:
Freshmail integration
  • In the left menu you may find the “Plugins and API” tab, so click on “Integration”and copy both keys (API and Secret API); then go to the landing page editor.
Freshmail integration

Freshmail connection with Landingi

  • When you enter into the options form, go to “Integration” tab, search and select “Freshmail”,
Freshmail integration
Freshmail integration
  • You will see the fields to fill in to integrate Freshmail account:

    1. API Key – paste copied API key.
    2. API Secret – paste copied API Secret.
    3. Contact subscription status – select the default status of your subscription (depending on the selected status user will get subscribed immediately or will need to click a subscribed link send by email).
    4. Here, select one of the mailing lists you have on your MailChimp account -that’s why I focused on “Subscribers” tab before and kept attention for the lists 🙂
    5. At the bottom of the window, you have to map the selected form fields to the appropriate values in your integration.
    Finished, click “Save and close”.

Freshmail integration
  • The next step is to publish your landing page. Once you published it, click on a link and fill in the tested form – you will see if everything works as it should 🙂
Freshmail integration
Freshmail integration
  • After completing the form, go back to your Freshmail account.
    Check in your tested email is on the subscriber’s list (added “Test” list):
Freshmail integration
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