Google Ads Remarketing Code

Last Updated: 22.02.2019

If you want to use a landing page for your remarketing campaign, you’ll need to add the Google Remarketing code.
You can generate it in your Google account.

Generate Google Remarketing Code

1. To get the remarketing code, you’ll need to go to your Google Adwords account and move to the “Campaigns” tab. Now, click on the campaign which code you want to link to landing.


2. Then from the left menu, select the “Shared library” tab and go to the “Audiences” page.


3. In this window, you will see your audience list. If you do not already have one, you will need to create one using the “+ Remarketing list” button. If you’re ready,  use the “Tag details” button.


4. Here is a window with a remarketing code. You need to copy and move it to your Landingi account.


Landing page & remarketing code

1. In your Landingi account, choose the landing, which you want to add the code to, by click on its name.


2. In the next step, go to the JavaScript tab and select “Add script”.


3. In the new script window, enter the code name, paste it into the “Content” field and place it at the bottom of the landing page as we recommend.
Put this data and click “Save and close”.

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