Grid and element arrangement

Last Updated: 22 Feb 2019

Grid is a tool that can greatly help you create neat landing pages. When grid is on, any widget you move in the editor will snap to grid lines.

  • To turn the grid on, click the check box below the “Publish” button,
Grid and element arrangement
  • Elements can also be arranged by moving their value on the X-axis (horizontal line) and Y (vertical line) in the right option panel. To align elements horizontally in a row chose one element and copy the X value. Give the same numerical value on the X axis to other elements in a row. X value can be copied from one element and pasted into the X value of other elements or can be entered manually from the keyboard for each element,
Grid and element arrangement
  • To align elements vertically in increments of 1 pixel, use the arrows next to the Y-axis,
Grid and element arrangement
  • To arrange all the items with maximum accuracy at the same time you can use the grid (to check the position of an element relative to other elements – check how many gap boxes are between elements) and define values for X and Y axis.
Grid and element arrangement
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