How to set integration while connecting a few LPs together?

Last Updated: 20 Dec 2019

You can connect two or more landing pages in a funnel, transfer lead data from one landing page to another and at the same time integrate the form with the third party tool.

If you want to make a funnel, have integration with external tool (i.e with MailChimp), and expect all data from every step to be sent to it, follow the instruction below to configure your forms properly.

The general rule is your are connecting the form with chosen integration only on the last funnel step. Make sure that you have the checkbox Transfer Lead data checked while settling the redirection to another landing page.

If you want to know how to set a Next Action after form submission and redirect a user to another Landing page, check this manual.


Suppose you have two landing pages in your funnel. Let’s call them Step 1 and Step 2. In the Step 1, you have a form with two fields – name and e-mail. After submitting the form, your user is redirected to another LP – Step 2, where you have form with only one field – phone.

Let’s say you want to send all lead data from every step (both landing pages) to Mailchimp. In this case, you need to settle form integration with MailChimp only on final landing page (Step 2).


1. Log in to the platform, go to the Landing Pages tab and go to edit the LP Step 1 (in our scenario, this LP has a form with Name and Email fields).

2. In the Editor, go to the Form Settings -> Integration and select None.

3. Click Save and Close and publish your LP Step 1.

4. Go to the Landing Pages tab again and go to edit the LP Step 2 (with the form having only Phone field).

5. In the Editor, go to the Form Settings -> Form fields and add to the form hidden fields – the same, which you have in the previous landing page (Step 1).

In our scenario: Name and Email fields.

6. Go to the Form Settings -> Integration and click on chosen integration. In our scenario, it will be AWeber.

7. Configure the chosen integration.

8. Click Save and Close and publish your LP Step 2.

Fill out the whole funnel for testing purposes and check if your leads are sent correctly to chosen integration.

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