HubSpot integration

Last Updated: 27 Jan 2020

HubSpot is a popular sale and inbound marketing platform that can be easily integrated with the Landingi application to convert potential customers and close sales successfully.

This integration supports custom form fields.

1. HubSpot account configuration

  • You need to set up a HubSpot account and login correctly. When you sign up for an account, you have the option of choosing from CRM, Sales and Marketing package. Once logged in you will see the main window of the platform.
HubSpot integration
  • The next step is to generate your API Key in your HubSpot account.
    For this purpose, go to the “Integrations” tab by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner of the window.
  • The system will take you to the page where all the integrations are located.
  • Now your goal is to generate an API Key for your account that will connect both applications. Go to the “HubSpot API Key” tab, to do this.
  • API Key is close to you 🙂 Click a “Generate new Key” box – the key will appear in your account. Copy it and proceed to your Landing account.

2. HubSpot with Landingi – integration

  • As I suppose, you are on your Landingi account already:)?
    If not, please log in quickly and proceed to the edition of the selected landing page.
  • After opening the editor, please click on the area of your form and go to edition (pencil icon or double-click). Next, choose the “Integration” tab and select the HubSpot icon.
  • The key moment is just ahead 🙂 Fill up the appropriate fields.
    API Key – paste the key copied from the HubSpot account.
    — After right API Key verification, your username will be assigned to HubSpot.
    — When you check the “Add deal” box, you can select their categories according to those in HubSpot (customer type or status, etc.).
    — Finally, you need to map the form fields with the appropriate ones in the HubSpot.

To continue with the changes you need to click the “Save and close “ button.

  • After leaving the previous window, publish your landing page and test the integration function by filling out the form.
    If you correctly integrated the systems, when the user completes the form, the data will be transferred to your Hubspot account.
    You will see them in the “Deal” tab where you can manage the acquired data 🙂
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