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Last Updated: 23 Aug 2019

We can install a free wildcard certificate for your (sub)domain with www and for all first-order subdomains on this domain.

For who is the Wildcard?

If you have many subdomains on a particular domain, Wildcard allows you to install SSL faster, skipping the limits (10 per week for one domain).

For example, if you have multiple subdomains, like, and so on, we can install a SSL for all subdomains (already existed and all created in the future) in * domain.


Before we can install the SSL certificate, each subdomain must have a CNAME pointing to:

1. For this purpose, you should add a new CNAME record for your domain in the administration panel:

type: CNAME
name: _acme-challenge

2. After adding this CNAME record, let us know via chat that you want to install wildcard Let’s Encrypt.

You will need to wait up to 3 days before we finish the installation.

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