Landingi app overview

Last Updated: 19.04.2019

Once you have successfully logged in with your email address and password, you are entering the application.
From now the Landingi app is ready for you to use!

1. Navigation menu – Landingi

It is located in the upper left corner of your account’s desktop.
From here you can go to any area of your account.

Landingi app overview‌

The left column is your main navigation tab. In front of you are the following items:

Account – shows the name (e-mail address) of a currently logged-in user.

Landings – contains all landing pages present on the account (active and inactive). The digit represents a total number of active (published) landings.

Domains – that tab contains all domains added to your account. Here you can add your own domains to your account, so they could be used to publish your landing pages (after proper configuration). The digit represents a total number of the domains.

Leads – Here you can find all leads obtained along with your landing pages.

Fonts – here you can add and manage all custom fonts that you want to use on the landing pages.

Payments – a tab where you can make a payment for using Landingi application.

My account – here you can change your account settings.

Help – open up Landingi Knowledge Base to help you through it.

Landingi app overview‌

Log out – leave the account.

1a. Detailed description of tabs

In this section you will find some important places.

Landingi app overview‌

1 – indicates the number of active (published) landings on your account;
2 – allows you to select all landing pages on your account;
3 – landing page search bar. It allows you to sort as well as search them by name or status (active, inactive);
4 – shows archived landing pages;
5 – begins creating new landing page;
6 – choose here how to present your landing pages (as a list or grid).

1b. Single landing page options

Each landing has many editing and configuration options that I present you below:

1. Selection – with this checkbox you can select one or multiple landing pages at once, in order to archive them (option available above list of the landings):

Landingi app overview‌
Landingi app overview‌

2. The pull-down menu presents the options:

Landingi app overview
  • edit – Opens the editor, with a currently selected landing page;
  • deactivate – deactivation makes a landing page inaccessible through a web browser. However, it does not detach the landing page from the domain;
  • duplicate – copies the landing page and its contents, what allows you to quickly create another variant of the existing landing page;
  • run tests – enables set up and launch of A / B test;
  • preview – turns on landing page preview;
  • archive – makes landing archived and no longer visible in the landing pages list. Archiving does not mean removing permanently and can be altered from “Show archived” menu.

3. The landing menu is where you can enter by clicking on its name.

Landingi app overview

The menu contains five bookmarks and additional elements above them.

Landingi app overview

There are several options available in the upper-left corner. You can preview your landing page as a miniature in the upper left corner.

When you double click on a landing page name, you can edit it. By default, all newly created landing pages are named “Landing + subsequent number”. When you are done typing your custom name, please click “Save” and the new name will become visible, also in the list of landing pages.

landing pages

In this area, you can also assign or change the domain, under which a landing page is published:

1- the blue hyperlink is the current URL address of a landing page. When you click on it, a landing page will open in another window of the browser;

2- with this button, you can change a current domain and use a different one. More details can be found here.


4. Dashboard

landingi app overview

Here you will find some basic statistics regarding the landing page, like a total number of visits and leads generated on the landing page.

A conversion rate is percent score of leads send by the forms on the landing page, divided by a total number of visits. That statistics is also presented as a chart.
The next bookmarks are assign:

Test – this bookmark contains all available features for running A / B tests.
More details about the tests can be found here.

Facebook – is used to set up a connection between Facebook and Landingi accounts, in order to publish the landing page on a FB page.

Javascript Code – if you have any Javascript code that you would like to use on your landing page, here is a right place to paste and activate it. We have prepared separate article regarding that subject.

Settings – several additional features are available here, most of which are described in separate instructions:  InfoBarGoogle Analytics and Schedule.
Intercom bookmark enables you to integrate your landing page with Intercom, what will require logging into your Intercom account.

Under “Settings” bookmark on the top,  you can enable lead notifications – email information that will be sent to account owner’s email, each time a lead is collected on the selected landing page.

Blow the whistle that these is only information about the new lead, it is not a complete lead itself.

2. Domains

A place, where you can manage all your custom domains and sub-domains.


In order to add a domain to Landingi account, please click on “Add domain” button. A pop-up window will appear. Please type your domain here and confirm with “Add” button.


Your new domain will be visible in the list.

If you want to remove the domain from your account, please use settings menu visible on the far right of each domain.

If you have more than one accounts in Landingi, you can assign a single domain to one account only.

Privacy policy – clicking on that option allows you to paste your own policy text, which will be assigned to selected domain.
The policy text will be available on a path added to the domain under “/policy” path, e.g.
Of course, it is possible to use “policy” address as a hyperlink on the landing page.


3. Leads – important thing

Every lead generated on each of the landing pages is stored here. Here you can view all the information send with every lead. Leads can be sorted by various criteria of viewing.

It is also possible to export all the leads to .csv or .xlsx files. Exporting the leads does not delete them from your account. If you want to get rid of them permanently, please use “Remove” option.

After removal, the leads can not be restored. Landingi personnel have no access to the customers leads at all and we can not restore your leads if you decide to remove them.


4. Fonts

Here you can either upload your own fonts or use predefined Google Fonts.
More details can be found in a dedicated article.

Landingi app overview

5. Payments

That bookmark allows you to pay for using Landingi. Here, you can choose the billing period (1 or 12 months), and input or modify your billing data.

Landingi app overview

In the last step, you can choose a payment method.
All details are additionally described on screen, on the right hand side.

Landingi app overview

6. My account

This is a place where you can make changes to your Landing account. Next tabs are:

1. Settings include following options:

  • password change – if our decide to change the password for your user, please input your current password, input the new one, repeat the new one and use “Change password button,
  • timezone – more detailed information about timezone settings in Landingi can be found here,
  • language – a selection of the language of the account. Currently, two options are available – English and Polish,
  • default landing language – selection of a language in which communicates will be presented on your landing pages (such as form errors, etc.),
  • delete account – if you want your account to be completely removed, please use this feature,
  • manage social media logins – by using it you can log in directly in connection with your Google or Facebook account.

Removing account in this way is irreversible, and all your leads and landing pages will be deleted, without a possibility of being restored.

Landingi app overview

2. Users – here, you can see all the users on your account, with their roles.
You can easily add new users or delete existing ones.
You can find a detailed description of all user types here.

Landingi app overview

3. Labs
There you can find features which aren’t completely finished and might change. Help us test before they are released. We are waiting for your feedback!

Landingi app overview

4. Invoices
All invoices sent to you will be available here. You can download the invoices as PDF documents. Your current billing data is also presented here.

Landingi app overview

5. History
The last tab contains information regarding the number of unique entries on all your landing pages.

Landingi app overview

6. API

There you can find api tokens which are you may need to install external features or tools.

7. Other options from the window below:

Landingi app overview
  • Change package – if you need to change your current package. You can do it here by selecting an option which suits you best. Either choose a more advanced package or select cheaper pricing plan (if your current plan is not the basic one);

Package change will not extend your account’s expiration date, it will remain unchanged.

Landingi app overview
  • Checkout – clicking here redirects you to payments window, which I described above,
  • Help – this bookmark will open our support Knowledge Base. I am sure that there you can find answers for most of the questions that you may have regarding Landingi application.
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