Managing the leads

Last Updated: 18 Feb 2020

In the Landingi platform, you can manage your leads via Leads tab on the sidebar or from the level of a particular landing page/popup where you collected them.

Even if you have integration with external system for lead management, your leads will be also gathered in Landingi platform.

If you have an external form on your landing page, like Google Forms, then your leads won’t be gathered in Landingi platform.

How to manage your leads?

A. Full lead list

1. Log in to Landingi platform and go to Leads Tab.


You will find there full lead list gathered on all landing pages or popups (in separate tabs). The highlighted leads are unread leads.

Click on Details (1) to display lead details or on Delete (2) to delete it. Lead deletion is irreversible. 

To export all leads to .csv file, click on Export all button (3).



Resetting landing page statistics will delete all existing leads.

B. Leads gathered on the form at the selected landing page

Every landing page in the Dashboard has its own Leads tab. Click on it to go to the list of all leads from the chosen landing page.


By clicking on lead you can display its details, edit the data (1) or delete it (2).


C. Leads gathered on the form at the selected popup.

Every popup has its own Lead tab. Click on More > Leads, to enter the list of all leads from the chosen popup.


Managing popup leads is done in the same way as lead management from the landing page level.

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