Meta tags

Last Updated: 28 Aug 2019

“May I add several meta tags to my landing page..?”

Of course!

In this example you can find details about how add HTML tags in Google Search Console.
For add custom meta tags into your landing page follow below steps:

1. Copy your landing page address.
2. Go straight to the Search Console site, click “Add a property” and paste a landing page URL here:

Meta tags
Meta tags

3. Go to the “Alternate methods” tab, then choose and copy “HTML tag”. Do not close this window – you will be back here 🙂

Meta tags

4. Enter into your landing page settings inside the editor.

Meta tags

5. The first tab is SEO and this is what you are looking for.
Paste your tag and click on the plus icon. Then “Save and close” changes.

Meta tags

6. On the end, publish your landing page and go back to the Search Console.

7. In the Search Console window, scroll down and click “Verify”. Next, you will receive an information your site was verified and tag was properly added.

Meta tags


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