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Last Updated: 27 Jan 2020

In this manual you will learn how to redirect your OVH domain on Landingi servers. If you would like to know what is the difference between a root domain and subdomain and how to add them to Landingi account – easy-peasy!
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How to redirect your OVH domain on Landingi servers?

1. Log into your OVH admin panel, choose your domain and click on DNS zone tab.

OVH domain

2. Click Add an entry.

OVH domain
OVH domain

3. Add proper DNS records:

  • CNAME and A records (for root domain with www, e.g.;
  • CNAME (for other subdomain, e.g.

You can find details about DNS settings here.

I. CNAME record:
OVH domain

Remember: To make a redirection works properly, you need to add a ‘dot’ (‘.’) on the end of the address.

OVH domain
II. A record:
OVH domain
OVH domain

4. Remove all TXT records from a DNS zone.


Your domain has been redirected to Landingi’s servers – remember that redirection can take from 1h to 24h before it works properly.

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