Parallax effect

Last Updated: 22 Feb 2019

An effect of floating sections

You can get parallax effects (floating sections) on your landing page. To do this, you need to set the background for the entire landing page (Body/Page) and add sections with a background set ON and OFF alternately.

  • In your landing editor, go to the panel on the right side of the window and double-click on the “Body” (Page),
Parallax efect
  • Then, pay attention to the ON/OFF background switcher. You have to switch it “ON”. Once you do this, select the background which you want to add to your landing (image, gradient) using the buttons below.
    If you do not have any photos in the gallery, download them from your computer by clicking “Upload Images”.
Parallax efect

Check a “Fixed” button, to add a background element to the entire landing.

Parallax efect
  • Drag and drop several sections, one under the other.
Parallax efect
  • In each section, you can change the appearance of the background, turn it on or off (Background ON/OFF). To make a section visible across the entire view, select check “Full width“. You can also adjust its color or transparency, and then close the window with the “Close” button.
    Background section ON:
Parallax efect

Background section OFF:

Parallax efect
  • When you added sections with different background options, try scrolling the landing – the Body background is static and the sections are “floating” over it.
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