Privacy policy – adding and sharing

Last Updated: 19 Dec 2019

You can add a privacy policy for each domain on your account in Landingi platform.

I. How to add the privacy policy?

1. Log into the platform and go to the Domains tab. Chose the domain to which you want to add the privacy policy.
2. Click on More and from the drop-down menu chose the option Privacy policy.


3. In the newly open window insert and format your privacy policy, and then save the changes.


Your privacy policy will be available under the chosen domain after the path /policy.

Example:  If your domain URL address is, then the privacy policy is available under the URL www/

II. How to insert the link to the privacy policy in the form checkbox?

One of the ways to make privacy policy available to landing page’ visitors is by linking it to the checkbox description.

1. Go the edition of the chosen landing page, and then enter Form Settings > Form Fields.

2. Add the HTML code below to the Label field of the checkbox:

 I accept a <a href="http://mydomain/policy">privacy policy</a>

Privacy policy

After href parameter, in the checkbox desciption paste the URL address pointing to the website with the privacy policy which you want to share with your landing page visitors. In the example above the words ‘privacy policy’ has been linked.

3. Save the changes and republish your landing page.

Other options for sharing the privacy policy on the landing page are linking the selected text or placing a link on InfoBar.

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