How to publish a landing page on my domain


1. First of all, please select the landing page you want to publish under your own domain. Enter the landing page settings by clicking on its name.

How to publish landing page on my domain

2. Once there, please use “Change domain” option, which is located below the landing page name.

How to publish landing page on my domain

3. A new window will open and you should be able to select your own domain from the drop-down menu.

How to publish landing page on my domain

Did you notice “Path” window on the right?
It is not necessary to use it, however it may be very useful.
Here you can type additional path that will be appended to the domain address, right after “/” mark, and this is what the address of the landing page will looks like.
For example: .

4. It is a good way not only to create a logical navigation for the users, but what is most important – you can create as many different address paths as you want.
This means that you can use a single domain to publish many separate landing pages, each of them with the different address path.

Please notice that you can add only one “/” mark before a path, it is not possible to create addresses like etc.

After clicking “Save and close”, your landing page should be immediately available under the address of your domain instead of the test domain.

How to publish landing page on my domain

Please, bear in mind that your domain must be assigned to your account and correctly redirected to Landingi, in order to allow you to publish your landing pages on it.

If you are not sure how to do it, please follow those instructions: 

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