Recurly Integration

Last Updated: 12 Sep 2019

Recurly is a subscription billing platform.  This manual will walk you through how to implement recurring billing solutions from Recurly on your landing page.

To proceed, you need a button on your landing page that will redirect customers to your custom plan page in Recurly.

You can see an example Recurly plan page below:


Step I – on Recurly side

1. Log into your Recurly account and go to the Configuration > Plans tab. Choose the plan which you want to sell and copy the Hosted Page URL – you will need it later for configuration in Landingi platform.


Step II – on Landingi platform side

1. Go to the edition of the chosen landing page, select the button (1) and go to its Settings > Type > Redirect. Paste the link copied before form Recurly in the Target URL field (2). Click Save and close.


2. Re-publish your landing page.

From now on, when someone clicks the button will be redirected to your plan page in Recurly.

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