Release notes 2018-12-03 – 2018-12-16


New features:

  • redirection types in the scheduler

Ever wonder how to make a 301 redirection in Landingi? From now, you can choose a type of redirection: permanent 301 or temporary 302 directly in the scheduler.

  • name of the LP visible in the editor

Now, when you are editing more than one landing page at a time in multiple browser tabs, you’ll never get lost again! Hence the name of the currently edited landing page is visible in the editor, on the top menu on the right side, so you always know which LP you are going to change.



  • changes in video settings

Because the title is always present on youtube movies, after pasting a youtube link to the video widget, the option for disabling title is not active.

  • Several minor fixes and improvements to the UI.
  • A series of UX improvements and bug fixes.
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