Release notes 2019-01-28 – 2019-02-10

Last Updated: 16.04.2019

New feature:

  • LeadByte integration

From now on you can connect your form with LeadByte – lead management software. You can find this brand new integration by going to the settings of your form.


  • improved searching mechanism for domain’s list

Have you ever had a problem with finding your domain on the list in your Landingi account? We are happy to announce that we improved the searching mechanism for domains, so no matter how and in which combination you will type your domain in the search bar (with ‘www’ or without it, with protocol or slash at the end) our smart algorithm should find it without any issues!

  • fixed misleading messages in the editor

In some cases, after changing the desktop view to mobile the editor was showing an error message which said, that “some elements could not be positioned automatically, try to using fewer elements per section”. It could be shown even when your sections were simple and plain, so it could have made you confused. Fortunately, we fixed it and now you won’t see these misleading messages.

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