Salesflare integration

Last Updated: 27.01.2020

This integration does not support custom form fields.

  1. Log into your Salesflare account and proceed to the account settings -> API keys.

If you do not have any API keys yet, generate one using the + button.


2. Name your new API key and click Create.


4. Copy the generated API key.


5. In Landingi platform, go to the edition of the chosen landing page and enter the form settings. Go to Integrations and select Salesflare. In the new window, paste the copied API key. If the API key is correct, you should see a communicate that you are successfully logged in.


6. Next, you can map your form fields to the fields available in Salesflare. Currently, you can use the following fields in this integration:


7. Save the changes and publish your landing page. Fill in the form for testing purposes and verify whether the form sends data to your Salesflare account. You should find the lead in Contacts.

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