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Last Updated: 23 Oct 2019

You can optimize your landing page for SEO using available in our platform options.

I. Title, keywords, description, and metatags on your landing page

How to complete the title, keywords, description, and metatags on your landing page?

1. Log into Landingi platform and go to the edition of the chosen landing page.
2. Go to the right panel of the editor; in the Page Settings tab click on the button Additional options and go the SEO tab.


3. Configure options affecting the visibility of your landing in the search engines.

Title, keywords, and description (1)

  • The title will be displayed in the search engine results and on the browser tab with the open landing page.
  • Keywords briefly summarize the content of the entire landing page and help crawlers find relevant websites that match users’ queries.
  • The description is a longer text that will appear in the search engine results under the title of your landing page.

Additional meta tags (2)

Optionally, you can add your own meta tags to the landing page, necessary e.g. when verifying your site by Google.

II. Alt and title attributes of images on your landing page

When uploading images to the image gallery, make sure that the file names match what the images represent, like Photo_name_service(company).jpg

How to add the alt and title attributes to your images uploaded to the gallery?

1. Go to the edition of the chosen landing page, and then enter Gallery > Settings.

2. Complete the alt and title attributes:

  • Title attribute (title) – it’s a text that appears when you hover the mouse over the picture (1).
  • Alt attribute (alternative text) – it’s a text that will be displayed if the image cannot be loaded for some reason (2).

Both file names and alt attributes should contain keywords.

Images uploaded to the gallery are automatically optimized for display on websites. We recommend uploading images with a size of approx. 150kB and a maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080 (for background photos).

III. Headers in landing page sections

Every landing page section should contain unique headings, especially the main header marked by h1 tag. Do not duplicate the same headers in the following sections and add keywords if possible.

How to add header tag to section?

1. Go to the edition of the chosen landing page. Select the text widget you want to tag.

2. In the widget options on the right panel chose the h1 tag or other.


IV. Landing page indexation by search engines

By default, the settings of your landing page allow it to be indexed by the search engines.

If you want to learn how to disable indexing, check this manual.

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