Set of features to build simple funnels


We released in Labs a Page Funnels feature – set of options dedicated to connecting a few LPs together and creating simple page funnels in Landingi.

If you want to give it a try, go to Labs and enable Page Funnels feature.

What’s in Page Funnels Feature?

Activation of Funnel feature will add additional options in different places in the platform.

I. Action after form submission

In the form settings-> Next Action Tab

It allows you to choose where your user will be redirected after filling out the form. You can pick one of three possibilities:

  • Go to default Thank You Page (set as default for every form)
  • Redirect to any URL
  • Redirect to another Landing Page

Look here to learn more about configuration of action after submission.

II. Transfer lead data

In form settings -> Next Action Tab -> Redirect to another Landing Page and in button settings -> Type -> Redirect to Landing Page tab

If you want to connect a few landing pages together, you can choose to transfer all lead data from the previous landing page to the target landing page. You can use this option even if you have more than two LPs to connect – then the lead on the last step of your funnel will contain all lead data from previous steps.

III. Track click as conversion

In button settings -> Redirect to Landing Page tab

It allows you to count clicks as conversion in your landing page Dashboard.

IV. Leads Tab for every landing page

Where? Available from the level of a particular landing page on the list of all LPs.

Individual Leads tab available from the level of every landing page separately allows easy access to leads from a given landing page.

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