Sharing a file with a visitor of the Landing Page

Last Updated: 19 Sep 2019

There are a few plain methods available in our editor which allows sharing a file to be downloaded to the people visiting your Landing Page without any assistance from external tools.

I. The function button for direct download or redirection to the file source

1. In our editor, enter the desired page (main or thank you/conversion page).


2. Add the ‘button’ which can be easily formatted in the settings.


3. At this point, there are to options to use the button

  • set up a redirection to a specific URL where the file can be downloaded (i.e from hosting service);
  • upload the file directly for a download by clicking the button.

ATTENTION: only files up to 16MB can be uploaded.

More information about the ‘button’ functionality here.

II. Sharing a link to the file in the autoresponder

The second option to share a file (after completing the form) is to use our autoresponder function, which is available on our Automate, Agency and White Label plans.

The autoresponder function allows you to send an e-mail directly to the person who decided to fill in and send the form. Your autoresponder email can contain any URL where your customer will be able to download the file.


Autoresponder in the above configuration will sent this email:

How about sharing a file after the sale of a digital product?

If you are selling digital products or services like e-books, you might expect that the customer after the payment will receive the product straight away on his e-mail account.
At this very moment, our application does not support financial transaction and digital product delivery i. e. sending e-books via email but it can be achieved with the use of an external application like Shopify.

Shopify offers payment support and distribution of the file/digital attachment once the payment is completed.

In order to do this, activate an additional app on your account:
Digital Downloads App by Shopify

With this app you can add a file to the product which, after an approved payment, will be sent to the customer via email.

After app installation, you can add a digital attachment to your product in the store using a special option.

You can find out more about Shopify integration here.

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