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1. Can I charge my customers inside Landingi platform?

For charging your customers you will need your own system – there is no internal solution in our platform to handle payments.

2. What about fees for my customers?

We will never influence your pricing – your customers are your customers and besides settled cost for White Label subscription (and eventually for additional, active subaccounts) we won’t charge you anything more.

3. Can I embed the login page to the app & editor on my website? Will my clients be able to log into the platform directly from my site?

Currently, it’s not possible to embed the login page on your website. Your customers will need to login to the application and editor separately via different sites, by using your custom domain.

4. Do you have unbranded WordPress plugin to use by my customers?

We released unbranded WordPress plugin under the name Landing Pages App, so White Label owners can offer their customers an import of their landing pages to WP. The plugin is available here.

5. How can I limit the number of landing pages per subaccount?

You can limit the number of landing pages from the level your owner account – this option is disabled by default, so if you want to limit the number of LPs for particular subaccount, let us know about it via chat. You can limit the number of landing pages from 1 to 20 or leave it unlimited.

6. Can I have my custom testing domain instead of landpage.co?

Currently you cannot add your own custom domain under which your clients will be able to publish their landing pages.

7. Can my clients register in the platform on their own?

You need to register your customers and then provide them login (e-mail) and password. There is no automatic messages. Your customers cannot also register on their own.

8. What would happen when I exceed the number of 40 active subaccounts? Will my landing pages stop displaying?

If you will reach the number of 41 active subaccounts in a current month and this situation will persist, we will contact you and talk about upgrade. No worries – your landing pages won’t became inactive immediately.

9. How much cost every additional, active subaccount?

The price for every active subaccount above the limit of 40 is $6.90

10. Do you provide an unbranded support for my customers?

Our knowledge base and chat is Landingi branded. If you want to provide unbranded help to your customers, you need to manage it on your own.  Of course, you can still use our Landingi support via chat, e-mail or phone.

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