White Label in a nutshell


White Label plan is a type of agency account dedicated especially to marketing agencies, which allows you to use Landingi software and sell it to your clients under your own brand. The Landingi logo and name will be invisible to your customers.

White Label in Landingi – the basis

White Label account is a solution which allows you to offer Landingi app and editor to your clients under your own label, without Landingi branding. Under White Label plan you are able to create subaccounts for particular clients and give them access to edit only chosen landing pages. 

As an owner, you are creating subaccounts by adding an e-mail with a settled password and then passing it on to your client. You chose which landing pages you are going to share with particular clients (subaccounts) and also, optionally put some limitations of the permissible number of landing pages per subaccount.

More about subaccount’s management you can find in this manual.

What can I personalize under White Label plan?

You can create your own personalized login page with your name & logo. Your clients will be able to access Landingi app & editor under your own domain, for example, app.my-domain.com.

You can choose if your customers will have access to default templates library or to your own, custom templates.

Currently, these options are exclusive, which means that your customers can have access only to standard, Landingi templates or your custom ones – they cannot have access to both libraries at the same time.

How many subaccounts can I have?

By default, you are getting 40 active subaccounts with White Label plan at a standard price. Please notice, that active means having at least 100 unique visitors. Subaccount with lower numbers of visitors won’t be counted and they will not reduce your limit.
If you need more active subaccounts – you can buy additional subaccount for $6.90 per one active subaccount above the limit.

What do I need to know before getting started?

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