We will create a comprehensive system for generating leads for your

  • We will design a landing page, set up analytics, create advertising graphics and pop up, as well as write advertising texts for your page
  • After building the infrastructure, we will launch comprehensive advertising campaigns in order to reach your target group and acquire valuable leads
  • You decide how long you need our support
How it works?
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What is it?

Lead Generation is a service which delivers complete system that allows you to acquire leads and you will start to get them thanks to advertising campaigns. And we will help you!

What is Lead Generation?

Why do you need Lead Generation?

We have noticed that it is not a problem for business today to create a landing page, but to generate valuable traffic and then acquire leads. Hence, we have created a comprehensive service in which you do not pay the subscription, you do not sign the time contract and you decide how long you use it.

Here’s what you get as part of the Lead Generation process

LP design

Individual landing page design


Optional - content for your landing page


Analytics set up, defining and measuring goals


Banner design - two sets

See examples

Pop up

Dedicated pop up design

Account on Landingi

Account on Landingi platform for 30 days in Automate plan

Advertising campaigns

Launch of advertising campaigns and optimization


Summary report with commentary



Determining the campaign purpose

  • (Optional) Writing texts for your landing page

Activating the Landingi account and start of the campaign

I want it!

How it works?

  • Creating a landing page
  • Designing banner ads
  • Campaign development
  • Analytics set up
See examples


  • Campaign implementation
  • Generating high quality leads
  • Campaign optimization



End of the campaign

  • Activities reporting


Possibility of prolonging cooperation


How much time does it take to prepare dedicated Lead Generation service?

It takes 7-14 days since filling a brief and payment up to preparing whole infrastructure and campaign. At that time there are prepared: your landing page with dedicated content, banners, popup, campaign specification, analytics set up and 30-day Automate account in Landingi. The sooner we get feedback from you (with accepts or remarks), the shorter it takes to prepare the project.

Prior to campaign start you are submitted with everything for approval. Then the decision to start a campaign is taken.

Do I have to be involved in campaign?

Your opinion matters at every stage. Whatever we prepare, we’d love to have a feedback from you. However, a meeting and a brief filled by you are enough to start Lead Generation campaign.

What happens after the campaign ends?

You receive detailed report with results and recommendation for further campaign running. Moreover, you have valuable leads base. Whole infrastructure is always available on your Landingi account – simply, keep your account active in any plan. If you need further support in campaign running, you can order it in Traffic service (no contract, no subscription).

Can I stop the campaign?

Yes, you can stop the campaign at any stage but we recommend to keep it until its planned end. If you resign from cooperation, your budget is not lost. Unused means can be saved for the next campaign, distributed for other Landingi services or withdrawn.

What are leads?

Leads are your potential customers who fill the form on your landing page and leave their contact data voluntarily. This enables you to build your contact base, use it in your marketing actions and draw customers to your offer.

Why is it worth to generate leads?

Effective lead generation on landing page results in valuable contact base of recipients who are interested in your offer. Proper actions reach target group more successfully – and you don’t spend money on missed marketing. You may generate business leads (B2B) as well as customer leads (B2C). Our Lead Generation campaigns are tailor-made for any business.

Can I use only few services offered in Lead Generation?

Yes, you can use only few Landingi services of your choice. Then, you order them by dedicated pages – Services. However, it is the Lead Generation which gives you the best price and comprehensive Landingi support.

Do I have to have active Landingi account to use Lead Generation service?

Yes, active Landingi account is necessary for campaign to start. However, its outline, goal and pricing may be determined prior to creating an account. By using Lead Generation service you receive prolonged Landingi account – 30 extra days in Automate plan.

What are Lead Generation effects?

The most tangible effect are high-quality leads – contacts to those who are interested in your offer. Moreover, recognition of your brand and customers’ interest are increased. With lead generation you are able to build your own contact base.

Is an account settled basing on campaign effects?

No, we do not settle basing on effects because lead generation consists in advertising campaigns. It means, we can reach those users, who are interested in your offer in a particular moment, we advertise just your landing page and every lead is ‘hot’ and leaves their contact data (in accordance with GDPR). Another campaign effect is its constant optimisation. Since running campaign is complex and target group may dynamically change, we settle basing on campaign preparation and its management.

How many leads can I get through Landingi Lead Generation?

Number of leads in Lead Generation campaign depends on many factors. First of all, the lower offer entry threshold for customer, the easier it is to get them. For example, if you run a workshop and a pass costs PLN 200, it is difficult to get leads who immediately decide to use your offer. Offer 50% discount for the interested and majority will engage in what you offer on your landing page. If you plan to organize free webinar to share some valuable knowledge, you will get many more leads than while selling the same knowledge in an e-book for PLN 300.Conversion rate in Lead Generation campaigns totals 2-40%. It depends on the offer, content attractiveness, landing page aesthetics, analytics and type of advertising campaign.We treat every Lead Generation campaign individually, basing on our knowledge and experience.

What is guaranteed in Lead Generation service?

Above all, we guarantee that nobody else but you is allowed to see your leads. We don’t sell them to other companies and at this stage of campaign we don’t even have any access to leads data, except analytics (e.g. number of leads or their source). Moreover, you can be sure campaign optimisation, reports and preparation of whole infrastructure – exclusively for you. After campaign ends, landing page, banners and analytics are still at your disposal.

What makes Landingi Lead Generation service stand out?

Lead Generation by Landingi stands out with these three most important features:

1) no time contract nor subscription – campaign runs for 30 days, then you decide if and how do you want to continue;

2) ‘hot leads’ guarantee – generated contacts leave their data in your form consciously and expect further details;

3) comprehensiveness – our service is the only one in the market which offers comprehensive support (starting with creating dedicated infrastructure generating leads) and advertising campaigns management for 30 days generating first leads.

Can my content be used in campaigns?

Of course. If you own any graphics, banners or texts, send them to us. Together we will analyse them and use their potential!

What makes Lead Generation by Landingi stand out?

Warm leads

We acquire them actively through comprehensive advertising campaigns to reach people who are currently interested in your product or service.



In one place you have everything you need to acquire leads and decide when and how long you use it.



In one package you have several services, so you pay less and we can implement the whole project for you faster.


Few words about us

Trust the experience

We are a Polish company, which has been operating internationally since 2013, creating the Landingi platform for independent creation of landing pages.

Over 4,000 companies have already chosen our services, we have created over 700 landing pages, and we have implemented the Lead Generation service for over 50 companies.

We are certified by Google Partner for companies professionally providing advertising services in Google Ads, although we are not a classic advertising agency.

How much does it cost?

+ min. $300 advertising budget


Landing page project

Advertising banners

Additional pop up

Google Ads campaign support

Account on Landingi platform

Analytics set up






+ min. $300 advertising budget

Lead Generation package



$850 without copywriting service (I will provide the texts myself)

Get the leads!

Our projects

See previous implementations of the Lead Generation service for our Clients.

Invest in mobile hotels

An innovative network of mobile hotels in Europe. The goal of Lead Generation activities was to increase investment awareness and attract interested parties to invest in the hotel industry.

See the implementation

Real estate, architecture and construction

Goal: Obtaining contact

Beauty industry conference

A must-see conference for the Beauty industry in Poland. The aim of the activities was to promote the event and offer a discount coupon for the purchase of the admission ticket.

See the implementation

Education and training

Goal: Download coupon

Become a Christmas lighting fitter

Acquiring employees to work in the pre-Christmas period as fitters of decorative lighting on homes and buildings. The Lead Generation campaign attracted people willing to work.

See the implementation

HR and payroll

Goal: Recruitment, obtaining contact

What do Clients say about us?

“With Landingi, we have chosen the Lead Generation service, which in a short time allowed us to design an infrastructure for us to help in acquiring leads. Thanks to the implementation of our entire account in the Landingi platform, we can independently use this lead generation channel whenever our business needs it. Through the period of three months of conducted advertising campaigns we obtained nearly 50 leads and throughout the entire period of cooperation we could count on additional suggestions, optimizations and understandable reports

Jan Poradzisz

Business Relations Manager at INSPIRE Sourcing

“At SILLEO, we deal with training managerial staff and business consulting. We build long-term relationships with clients. Professionalism is our value, which is why we chose Landingi. In the field of Lead Generation, in a short time we were able to outsource the preparation of the entire infrastructure and advertising campaigns for specific areas of our training offer. At the same time, we can always count on high-quality consulting in digital areas and customer service”

Bruno Żółtowski

CEO Silleo, business psychologist, trainer

“To advertise Drago at the biggest garden fair Gardenia 2020 in Poznań, we used our Lead Generation service. With an infrastructure prepared in Landingi platform we were able to get valuable leads and create convenient way of signing up for 1:1 meetings with Drago experts during the fair.

Paulina Neugebauer

Marketing Manager at Drago Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

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