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Why do you need a newsletter template?

If you already have a high-quality landing page, it’s a good idea to design a newsletter template that goes along with it. You might be using an autoresponder or you send mailing or newsletter campaigns to your subscribers. With the addition of a high-quality newsletter, your marketing efforts will become more effective. On top of all that, the fact that the newsletter matches your LP design in terms of visuals will make subscribers feel that both elements are part of the same puzzle.

What is the newsletter design service?

What newsletter templates do we design?

We can create a newsletter template for you for pretty much any email marketing service. And we definitely design templates for systems such as:

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We create unconventional projects

Our templates, designed to work in any of the email marketing systems, will allow you to quickly send visually attractive and effective messages to your subscribers. The project will create a harmonious composition with the landing page in your Landingi platform. That translates into the increased conversion rate of your mailing traffic.

The design of the newsletter template includes:

The graphic design

Of your newsletter template
A pack of files
Which are required in your email platform



You place an order to design a newsletter template in Landingi

You provide us with the landing page design (by sending us a link) that supposed to match the newsletter template

We get to work on your newsletter template and the pack of files which are required iny our email platform. The whole process takes up to 5 workdays.

How it works?



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Check out newsletter templates that we have created for our customers:


Toyota Business Plus

Medical Cannabis

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