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  • Project dedicated to a defined goal or
  • Universal landing page template consistent with your brand.

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What is the landing page design service?

Individual approach

The service is not just the graphic design of your landing page. To put it more accurately, it’s a tailor-made approach to your offer and the way it’s presented. Depending on your needs, we focus on one defined campaign to design a goal-achieving flow, or we create a universal five-section project consistent with your brand, which you can use multiple times for different purposes, maintaining coherence in the marketing messages.

Nonroutine projects

Our project can serve as a visual extension of your website, your brand, or your visual identity, but it can also be a new idea altogether. No ready-made templates or layouts are used here; we design the landing pages from scratch. The comprehensive development and implementation of all the landing pages are done by our qualified, experienced design team.

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Project dedicated to a defined goal and content

Is your campaign almost ready to be launched? Texts are prepared, but you still need a landing page to catch viewers' attention?

Let us create a project adjusted to your offer. We will polish every landing page element to make sure that you can unleash the full potential of your campaign.

See what you get by ordering a project dedicated to a defined goal.

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Are you planning many campaigns and thinking about a universal landing page to easily edit it and adjust to every offer?

We will create a five-section template with which you will keep your marketing consistent, regardless of your goal: is it product showcase, sales announcement, or scheduling a meeting.

See what you get by ordering a universal landing page template.

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Brand-consistent, reusable template

Both a landing page dedicated to a defined goal and a universal, reusable template always go hand in hand with a complete and ready-to-implement project:

We will make your business stand out in the internet

Dedicated mobile view

Implementation in your Landingi account

Original design of your landing page and vivid CTA buttons

Visual style that works well with your content

Customized ‘Thank You’ page

How it works?


Order the Design service and complete the payment on this site (the price is €599).


After the payment, you fill in the brief to indicate the purpose of the campaign.


We ask for your feedback. You can leave a comment or a suggestion that will be included in the final version of the project. At last, we implement is as interactive landing page on your account.


We get to work on your graphic design (we deliver the project within 5 business days). First, we develop the project. Then, we share it with you in the form of an image.

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From now, the landing page is ready to be edited by you. You can change it freely, duplicate it and create more landing pages.

Here are some of the landing page designs we have created for our customers


Job fairs 2020

Client: IECenter

Cultural and educational exchange programs and language courses in the US and Australia require a landing page tailored to the current edition of the event. When the best employers from California, Nevada and Connecticut come to Poland because of Job Fairs 2020, you should be aware that those interested can easily send applications via the landing page we designed.



Language version


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Entertainment and games

Crowdfunding campaign

Client: Drago Entertainment

Enter the game as an investor in DRAGO Entertainment! We designed the landing page for the crowdfunding campaign, where we presented the project assumptions, benefits for investors and introduced the company's history. As a result, we managed to achieve the assumed level of investment implementation and attract 156 investors!



Language version


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We provide security

Client: Dekra

The landing page project for Dekra Polska is a hub presenting the full offer of the company in one place, divided into two customer profiles - business and individual - and presenting areas and categories of their services.



Language version


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Sales and services

Lie detector tests are not only the Netflix movie scene, but sometimes the need to confirm innocence in legal or civil matters. We have designed a modern landing page for the British brand, where you can submit tests for the selected scope and time. Seriously, we're telling the truth.

Online lie detector





Language version


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What our clients say about us?

Digital Manager in Barlinek S.A.

"Several years of cooperation between Barlinek S.A. with resulted in numerous landing page implementations in Poland and other markets. The application thanks to its simplicity gives the possibility of quick and independent implementation of projects."

Paweł Gawior

"Landingi are a very convenient tool for us to create and manage a landing page. The flexibility of the tool and the ability to tailor the function to our needs are extremely important to us."

Rafał Krzyżański

Head of e-commerce in Player

"Thanks to the Landingi platform, we can easily and quickly create a landing page. Promoting content, registering for webinars or recruitment activities are just examples of the goals that we successfully implement using this tool."

CMO in CallPage

Sergey Butko


What materials should I send before the service of landing page design begins?

We ask you to send all the materials that can be useful in the design of your landing page such as photos, graphics, logotypes, fonts, your brand book, etc.If you don’t have any of the materials mentioned above, that’s okay. Send us examples of landing pages you like or any other inspirations. We have access to photo and graphic banks and we can surely design the landing page that will suit your needs.

Moreover, we ask you to send us all the texts that are going to be seen on your landing page, preferably divided into sections that are going to appear in your LP.

  • the ‘about’ section (about the company/service/product) – describes what the company does, what product it offers, what the service is about,
  • the ‘benefits’ section – we will visually present a list of ways that the client is going to benefit from choosing your product/service, its strong points and market advantages,
  • the description of the process – what the visitor can expect after filling out a form; for example: Fill out a form → We will prepare a preliminary quote → We will contact you,
  • the ‘opinion’ section – 3-4 short opinions on your company/product/service.

Here are some examples of standard texts placed on LP’s according to industry practices:

How to order a landing page design?

In order to create and maintain a landing page in the Landingi platform, an active and paid account is required. The account can be purchased for 1 or 12 months in 4 different plans. Each plan has a different functionality that depends on the client’s needs. For more information about the plans and prices, visit

Once the account has been registered, contact us to discuss the details of your landing page project. You can schedule a meeting using the calendar on the bottom of the page or send us an email at:

What is the price of landing page design?

The price of the design project for your landing page is €599.

If your landing page features custom elements that require additional scripts, they are subject to individual pricing on a case-by-case basis.

How long does it take to perform the service?

The standard timeframe of the design and implementation of a landing page is about 1 to 2 weeks. It depends on the complexity of the project and how soon we receive feedback from you.

What does the service include?

As part of the service, we are going to design a unique landing page for you based on the materials you provided us with. The landing page will first be sent to you for approval in the form of an image. We provide three instances of short corrections based on your feedback. Once you approve the project, we will implement a working landing page in your account in the Landingi platform. One landing page is defined as a landing page + a thank you page + mobile version.

Are you planning on making an integration using one of the tools from our integrations list? Just send us the API Key of your tool and we will configure the integration for you. If you think of implementing additional JS codes, for example, a Messenger widget or analytic codes, we can implement them for you provided that you send us the code. If you provide us with a configured domain address, we will connect it to your landing page.

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