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What is the implementation of custom scripts in Landingi?

Some of the websites and landing pages you see have some custom elements such as animations. It is possible by coding additional scripts on the page. We can create extra features for you to make your landing page’s elements unconventional and standing out.

Custom scripts will make your landing page look fresh, functional and engaging to its users. Advanced solutions will increase its practicality and possibilities. Order the creation and implementation of custom scripts for your landing page in your Landingi account.

Special effects

Development and implementation

We implement codes with the WOW effect

In Landingi, we can turn your idea into reality with our service of writing dedicated scripts for you. Increase the conversion of your landing page thanks to custom features!

Here’s what you get as part of the script implementation service

Code implementation

We will write and implement the script on your landing page.

We will test its performance in various test scenarios.



The scripts will be available for you to use on other landing pages.

Order a custom script

How it works?

You send us an idea for an animated effect or out-of-the-box solution.


You tell us which landing page in Landingi needs script implementation.


We evaluate the complexity and costs of the implementation.


Once we have your approval, we get to work on script implementation on the landing page in Landingi platform (time of implementing depends on the complexity of the order).



Take a look at some examples of features we can implement into your landing page

Photo gallery, which is browsed by moving the mouse over the pictures or clicking the arrows.

Gallery slider

Time of implementation: 1h

Price: $70

Graphics with moving elements

Graphics appear at different speeds in a vertical or horizontal direction.

Time of implementation: 2h

Price: $140

Animation of texts

It effectively catches the attention, you can choose the effect of scrolling texts or apply motion styles.

Time of implementation: 2h

Price: $140

Page elements (sections) appear smoothly when scrolling down - the effect of elegant, light movement.

Time of implementation: 1h

Price: $70

Do you have an idea or need a custom feature on the landing page? Contact us for a quote for the script!

Encourages the user to click on the object, it provides change of the color e.g. on the button, drawing a frame around the tile with a photo.

Effects after hovering on the object

Time of implementation: 2h

Price: $140

Smooth section entry (easing)

Your individual function

Ask for the script

Make use of advanced effects

Fields can be arranged in one line, next to each other, creating two-column or multi-column form layouts.

Multi-column form


Flow of the form is divided into steps: the next step comes after the previous one is filled.


Multi-stage form

Data is checked with regard to compliance with criteria. Both validation messages and forms of the input data can be customized.


Form validation

By analyzing few factors, it enables individual preliminary calculation on a landing page level. The factors can be modified by user's own.


Finance calculator

By pointing the mouse cursor over a particular part of a map, more information may pop.

Interactive map


An active button can change prices of services. E.g. by changing monthly price into annual, or converting currencies.


Pricing-changing button

After clicking the list, more information or options show up.


Drop-down list

Clicking the button activates a list of possible alternative language versions of a landing page.


Language change button

Order custom scripts by Landingi



A detailed quote will be provided once we have the full picture of your expectations.

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