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Get business fundings

The company helps in obtaining funding for trainings in selected regions of Poland. The goal of the landing page was to acquire leads among entrepreneurs seeking funding.


Become a Christmas lighting installer

Acquiring employees to work in the pre-Christmas period as installers of decorative lighting on houses and buildings. The project attracted people willing to work.


Find your warehouse


Assistance in warehouse logistics for companies that need comprehensive support in the search for storage space. Our project allowed us to increase the recognition of brand and focused on obtaining leads to contact a specialist.


Difficult loans have no chance

Helping Swiss franc borrowers starts with 1:1 conversation, learning about the loan history and evaluating possibilities in getting the compensation or changing borrowing terms. We have prepared a landing page focused on the campaign. It resulted in valuable leads and real help for real people.


3+2 laser hair removal

Client: SC Beauty

The SC Beauty network of beauty parlors offered laser hair removal with an innovative medical laser. The landing page has allowed strengthening the recognition of beauty salons locally and acquired new customers interested in the welcome offer.


Wireless network training

Client: Ekahau

Promotion of specialized Ekahau training for wireless network installers. The project has allowed to increase awareness of training on the market and sign up for it through a landing page.


Valuation of companies and trademarks

Client: PIB Finanse

Reliable and factual valuation of companies and trademarks may affect the value of a company or brand. For the Private Business Incubator, we have implemented a landing page to acquire leads in the form of companies interested in valuation of a company or trademark by one of the best investment advisors in Poland.


Shine on Christmas

Decorative lighting on houses and buildings during the Christmas period. The goal of the landing page was to promote Christmas Decorators in Poland to obtain orders for light illuminations.


Employee benefits

The Wanna Buy brand is a response to ineffective employee benefits in organizations. Non-wage bonuses have become a standard on the job market and distinguish Employer Branding of the company. We reached the target group with the message, we increased the recognition of Wanna Buy and we obtained warm leads!


Arranging a meeting with Drago Experts at Gardenia 2020

Client: Drago

Drago, wanting to emphasize its presence at the GARDENIA 2020 International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair, used our services to arrange meetings with its Drago experts in the field of lighting, irrigation, mowing robots and offers for gardeners, garden designers and green architects.


Photovoltaics in the Greater Poland

Client: InstalPro

Photovoltaics in Poland is not only a strong trend in 2020, but an energetic revolution in the country and an environmentally friendly social campaign. Together with InstalPro, we acquire leads from Wielkopolska to implement investments in homes, companies and farms.


Find the best leasing loan

Client: GTL.SA

Promotion of leasing loans of one of the market leaders. The goal of the landing page was to increase awareness and visibility among the competition, as well as to attract interested persons to contact.


Print near you

Client: Zeccer

Public Zeccer printers are available in cafes, shopping malls and public places. Our activities were focused on building infrastructure allowing to acquire leads in the form of cafe owners placed around Berlin and to increase awareness of Zeccer services.


Take the first online course

A platform for creating online courses for people who want to share their knowledge. The goal of Lead Generation was to reach people wondering how to create their first online course.


Webinar Landingi x Edward

Client: Landingi

We use our own services in our own activities, i.e. to organize webinars, and more precisely – to collect leads in the form of people interested in joining the event.


PR + Digital Marketing Power!

Client: CDSR

The PR and Digital Marketing agency used our project to acquire new leads interested in a special offer in the form of a free communication and business audit.


Photovoltaic installations in central Poland

Client: Maxcom

Photovoltaics is highly profitable: energy bills can be reduced even by 95%, and government funding covers part of the installation costs. For Maxcom Eco Energy, we have been reaching leads interested to talk with their photovoltaics experts.


Photovoltaics consultation

Client: EKO IDEA

Eco-friendly solutions are trendy, and furthermore they are effective business strategies. Photovoltaics can produce energy all year long, and ECO IDEA can handle the whole installation comprehensively. Dedicated landing page completes it by gathering people ready to meet.


Comprehensive abroad-delegation of employees

When the ATL Flor & Błaszak office takes care of all documents connected with abroad-delegation of employees, you can be sure that everything is well prepared. With this project we have managed to reach leads interested in a special offer and consultation meeting.


Linguistic tests for employees and candidates

All you need to check your employees’ and candidates’ linguistic skills is a 30-minute Pipplet test. The landing page has been prepared to inform about a free trial-test. To increase exclusivity of the offer, we have proposed 5 free tests when registering before the end of the month.


Exchange rate volatility under control

Individual strategies and currency forecasts allow you to take control over international transactions and to minimize the exchange rate risk. With a dedicated landing page and one-month free trial we have builded a group of people willing to consult their finances with MPAC Investments experts.


Online permanent makeup courses

Online courses are now very common, even when they are about practical skills, such as permanent makeup. Low entry threshold and a polished landing page resulted in many valuable leads in Akademia Makijażu Permanentnego’s contact base.


Permanent makeup tutorial in an ebook

Ten years of experience incorporated in a free ebook + time limitation of the offer gave us a perfect base to create an effective campaign. Engaging content, consistent design and dynamic landing page project resulted in a large number of downloads.


Cash loans on clear rules

Energetic, brave and, moreover, clear – this is how you can describe SKOK Ziemi Rybnickiej’s loan offer. With our creative project, it has reached interested people, who have scheduled their meetings.


Money-making by recommendations

The best marketing happens when you hear recommendations from your friends – the “Zarabiaj Na Fotowoltaice” campaign used that rule perfectly. Our actions translated into higher recognition of the project and more sign ups in a platform.


Test drive invitation

Due to our comprehensive campaign, Motorpol Wrocław’s offer (test drives with discounted, last year's cars) has got outstanding design and texts. We have generated hot leads willing to schedule a meeting and to receive a special offer.


Project work managed easily

Klient: Wayman

How to make project work more effective? By having every step controlled in one place. Wayman Software’s system is all about comprehensive management for the engineering & projecting industry. With our dynamic landing page design and low entry threshold (demo session) it is easy to reach the target group.

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