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Case Study Sony Music Poland


Music industry news, promotions and contests. These are created in our builder by Polish branch of one of the biggest music labels in the world. What value our tool represents for Sony and what features are utilized the most?

Sony Music Poland

Polish branch of Sony Music has been established in 1995 and since then it published and promoted albums of many Polish and foreign artists. Dozens of golden, platinum and diamond albums vouch for the long-lasting tradition of finding and polishing music talents.


Publishing, promotion

Goal for cooperation

Freeing Sony’s Digital Marketing from IT’s dependency


For the realization of a large number of digital promotions for music fans, Digital branch of Sony Music Poland utilized outsourcing for landing page creation, effectively excluding IT’s involvement in the process. The challenge also lied in the team’s lack of experience with landing page builders.

The company was looking for a solution that would guarantee the quick and seamless landing page creation, without the need of turning to a 3rd party and freelancers. The first landing page has been made by the graphic artist but the team makes the rest of them on its own ever since.


Quick and seamless landing page creation


IT’s lack of experience in handling landing page builder


Independent landing page creation by Digital department

Business value

Sony Music Poland highly values functionality of Landingi builder:

Landingi offers exactly what we need! We can create a landing page with a counter, an event registration or one with the embedded code for Spotify. The range of features offered by Landingi is vast and their team is ready for every possible campaign.

Olga Szmigielska

Digital Marketing Project Manager


Effects of cooperation

Sony Music Poland’s digital branch independently creates landing pages for the purposes of their marketing campaigns. It’s not relying on graphic artist’s and IT’s time, therefore is able to quickly reach music fans and react to everything that is happening in the music industry both in Poland and worldwide.

For the purpose of making this page we’ve asked Olga Szmigielska about her experience with our Customer Success team. She didn’t answer at all, which only confirms our assumptions – in many cases our help is not needed at all! The first landing page at Sony Music Poland was created by a graphic artist but the rest can be made by the team.

If you’re looking for a platform that allows for a quick creation of a professionally looking landing page, then Landingi app is for you. The interface is very intuitive, therefore creation process is a joy.

Olga Szmigielska

Digital Marketing Project Manager


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