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Landingi Traffic means landing page and effective advertising campaign in one platform

We will deliver traffic to your landing page and we will comprehensively handle your campaign

Landingi Traffic is the answer to the need to generate more traffic on our clients' landing pages. Now you can have your dream landing page and effective Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads advertising campaigns in one place. Landingi will direct customers to you, combining several channels into one stream.

Our activities focus on campaign optimization based on landing page traffic analytics. In addition, you receive a short prompt once a week and a detailed report with clear summary once a month.

What is the Traffic service?

We do it as much as traffic will bear

Thanks to the Traffic service, you not only increase traffic on the landing page, but also get more valuable leads. With it your campaigns are more efficient and reach your goals successively. So, sit back and watch your business grow - Landingi experts are here to take care of everything.

I want to order the Traffic


We get to work on preparing analytics and advertising campaigns (delivery time is 2-4 business days). We send the specification of the campaign for your approval and we wait for you to set the start date of the campaign.



You order the Traffic service.


You fill in the brief to indicate the purpose of the campaign, your landing page and advantages of the offer.

How it works?


Do I need to have an active account in the Landingi platform to be able to use the services of Landingi Traffic?

Yes, the only requirement to use the Traffic service is to have an active plan on the platform. However, you can activate your account only when the campaign starts. In short, campaigns will not be active when your landing page is not active.

How much does it cost to start the Traffic service and what does the price include?

The total cost of the Traffic service depends on the package selected and the length of cooperation. The total cost of starting cooperation, which is the first payment, includes the commission for conducting advertising campaigns (according to the selected package), the advertising budget for the first month of cooperation, and optionally the cost of creation advertising banners. You get it all in the order summary. Just decide whether you pay immediately by electronic transfer or on the basis of a pro forma invoice issued.

What do I gain by deciding on a longer period of cooperation?

You choose cooperation for Traffic services for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The longer the period, the greater the discount. By choosing cooperation for 3 months you will receive a 5% discount on the selected Traffic plan. Similarly, for a 6-month cooperation - 15% discount, and for 12 months commitment up to 25% discount on the entire service.

It's not everything. By choosing cooperation for more than one month, you also get a discount on the landing page design service and advertising banners.

Do I have to pay for the account in the platform and services in the same billing period and the same payment method?

No, you don't have to pay for the billing plan and Traffic at the same time. You can pay for the Create or Automate plan one day of the month, and pay the bill for the Traffic service on another day. With regards to payment for Create / Automate plans, all you have to do is attach a credit card - the amount for the selected plan will be automatically charged. You can pay for the Traffic service by electronic transfer or on the basis of a pro forma invoice issued for you. To sum up - you pay for the Traffic service independently and separately.

How will the click budget be calculated?

You are always charged for the budget monthly and it is determined depending on the scope of the campaign, location and possibilities. The minimum budget results from the scope of the campaign you selected and we devote it entirely to your campaigns. Depending on the needs and effects of the campaign, you can always invest larger amounts towards the budget. However, this does not increase the service commission.

What options do I have for delivering a landing page and banners for selected types of ads?

Unlimited. If you have time and possibilities to create your own landing page and graphic banners for the campaign, you can do it and provide us with it. You can also focus on business and let us make a landing page and matching sets of advertising banners for you. You decide.

Who will manage my Google Ads and Analytics accounts?

We will create a Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager account for you when you start the Traffic service. We will merge everything to your landing page and you will have the opportunity to view these accounts throughout the entire period of cooperation.

What scope of activities include Traffic Landing services?

The Traffic service includes Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns (also LinkedIn soon). You decide how wide and multi-channel you want to reach with your offer. Choose the right Traffic package or contact our Google Expert to learn how specific types of campaigns can achieve your business goals.

How and when will I pay for the chosen package?

Decide what range of advertising campaigns you are interested in and fill out the order form on this page. On this basis, we will issue and send you a pro forma invoice. After paying for it, we will start work.

What happens to the unused budget if I want to opt out of cooperation?

The paid budget for campaign purposes is never lost with us. If at the end of the cooperation period unused funds remain, you can:

  • keep them for another campaign in the future,
  • continue the campaign until the end of this budget without our interference,
  • pay with funds you collected for other services in Landings (LP project, LP import or other graphic services),
  • ask us for refund.

How long will it take to prepare the advertising campaigns since the package has been selected?

The actual start of advertising campaigns depends on the package you choose, which means how many types of campaigns we have to prepare. The period of preparation of the first advertising campaign is 48 hours from entering the payment on the account. Each subsequent campaign can extend the time by 24 hours. If you also let us prepare advertising banners, we need up to three business days to prepare them. Regardless of the package you choose, your campaigns will be launched as soon as possible.

Can you prepare for me an individual landing page for the campaign as part of the Traffic service?

Yes. We know that the campaign landing page is part of the success of advertising campaigns. Therefore, we can ensure that your landing page is really good and individual. The price of an individual landing page project starts from 450 USD. You will always be able to use it in other campaigns or update or use a copy of it for A/B testing.

Is it possible to run an advertising campaign on my account?

Yes. We can run a campaign on your advertising account during our cooperation. For that, we need to be accessed as an advertiser and you can do it by accepting our invitation. Then, you settle your advertisement budget independently – what you pay us is only the cost of running a campaign.

Can I stop a campaign while it runs?

Yes. If you are not able to answer all the requests or you go on vacation, just let us know to stop your campaign. It will be re-run at a later time.

Does bigger traffic turn into higher conversion rate?

No doubt! The more visitors, the more customers using your offer. We do our best to make campaigns reaching recipients with the highest potential. Then, the traffic is not only bigger, but also more valuable.

Who decides to whom advertisements are addressed?

That decision is made after analysing your brief and offer. Then it is optimized by constant analysis of your landing page traffic. All that is being done so campaigns can reach the most interested. If you know your target well, write it in your brief, and we will prepare independently a project to reach your target groups in your campaign.

Can I run a campaign for few landing pages?

Yes, you can. However, every time it is an individual and independent advertising campaign. In that case you may have one, common budget or separated one for each landing page.

Is it possible to change a target group while campaign runs?

We adjust campaigns, basing on results and analysis of landing page traffic. If we conclude to modify a target group, we optimize it. Having your own idea to change something? Let us know – we’d love to hear some suggestions and take them into account.

What information will I receive in the report?

The report includes efficiency data regarding every campaign: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads. With the report you know how many recipients were reached, what was the activity, how big was the landing page traffic and how it was converting. Weekly report includes the most important information to keep you up-to-date. Monthly report let you know the details and we comment them so you can easily understand everything.

Do you manage Facebook Ads campaigns?

Yes, we manage Facebook Ads campaigns comprehensively: addressed to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger recipients. By analysing your goals and target group we suggest the best campaign and target choice. It can be Target campaign (to recipients with some particular characteristics), Retargeting campaign (to those who have already visited your landing page), or Lookalike campaign (to groups of recipients who have something in common).

Do you manage Google Ads campaigns?

Yes, we manage Google Ads campaigns comprehensively. After analysis of your goals and campaign essence, we are able to choose the best Google Ads campaign type: Search (text advertisements in Google search engine), Display (graphic advertisements on local or business websites); Remarketing (reaching those who have already visited your landing page); Youtube Video (video campaigns focused on particular channels, videos or people who have visited your landing page).

How can I monitor my campaigns?

We can grant you an access to Google Analytics and Google Ads account if you wish to monitor the campaign. How we cooperate is 100% transparent. However, to not exploit your time during campaign we prepare short reports about progress and modifications. In turn, at the end of every month you receive from us a report with understandable comments.

For how long do I sign a contract?

You do not sign any time contract nor pay for any subscription when we manage your campaigns. You decide when and for how long would you like campaigns to be run or how long do you need our support. You can use our services periodically, when need to.

Select at least two types of advertising campaigns

1. Choose what kind of campaigns you need:

The basic cost of the Traffic service is $200 for handling two selected types of campaigns and $50 for each additional.

Order the Traffic service by Landingi


Campaign type

Minimum monthly


Google Ads search

Google Ads remarketing

Google Ads display

Google Ads youtube





Facebook Ads retargeting

Facebook Ads lookalike

Facebook Ads target



Campaign type

Minimum monthly



Linkedin Ads retargeting

Linkedin Ads lookalike

Linkedin Ads target



Campaign type

Minimum monthly


Przejdź dalej

Select at least two types of advertising campaigns

W celu kontynuowania zamówienia wybierz przynajmniej 2 typy kampanii.

Google Ads campaign

Facebook Ads campaign

LinkedIn Ads campaign

Regardless of the package selection, we will set up analytics on your landing page for free:

2. Choose a set of banners or deliver them yourself:

Order Traffic service at Landing even 25% cheaper!

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After placing the order, you will receive from us a pro forma invoice. After the payment we will proceed with coordination of your campaign.

Selected range of advertising campaigns:

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Selected set of banners:

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