Landingi is not only a platform for creating a landing page, but also comprehensive support for clients. When you lack the capacity, experience or time, Landingi services are the solution to achieve your goals quickly.

Choose a service for yourself and receive discounts depending on the billing period of your Landingi account.

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Landingi services
and support

Lead Generation

We will design a landing page, set up analytics, create advertising graphics and pop up, as well as write advertising texts for your page.

After building the infrastructure, we will launch comprehensive advertising campaigns in order to reach your target group and acquire valuable leads.

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Landing page design

We make sure it capture the attention of your viewers and accomplish their goals, i.e. convert.

The service is not just the graphic design of your LP. To put it more accurately, it’s a tailor-made approach to your offer and the way it’s presented.

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Landing page import - implementation of your project

Do you have your own landing page project outside of our platform? Great! We can import it as a functional page in your Landingi account - quick import of your landing page.

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Traffic - advertising campaigns on a landing page

We will deliver traffic to your landing page and we will comprehensively handle your campaign. Landingi Traffic means landing page and effective advertising campaign in one platform.

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Copywriting - writing content on the landing page

We create more than sentences. We create a message for your client. Copywriting, which means that we write content for your landing page.

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Designing advertising banners for the campaign

Increase visibility of your campaigns. Order the serviceWe will design banner ads that match your landing page perfectly.

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Designing newsletter templates for a landing page

Be a regular part of your customers' lives. We will design the newsletter template that complements your landing page perfectly.

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Writing custom scripts on the landing page

How about anout-of-the-boxlanding page look? Add the WOW effect by having custom scripts implemented on your landing page.

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