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Criação de landing pages para clientes

A criação de landing pages para clientes é um serviço crucial que pode diferenciar sua agência no competitivo cenário do marketing digital. Saiba como criar sua oferta, os níveis de preços e o que levar em conta para aproveitar ao máximo esse serviço. Descubra também como o Landingi, uma poderosa plataforma de landing page, pode simplificar esse processo.

What’s the number one thing your agency has in common with your clients? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is probably how important revenue is to your bottom line. Increasing revenue while balancing growing accounts, optimizing funnels, and expanding outreach can be a major company challenge.

Luckily, landing pages can be a simple but effective tool to help your agency succeed. When you offer landing page services to your clients, you not only help your clients reach their goals, but you can reach yours, too. Read more to learn why this would be a good business choice and use our tips for putting it into practice.

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Why Should You Offer Landing Page Services to Clients?

Simply put, landing page and conversion optimization services create massive opportunities for ROI growth that some of your clients might not have previously considered possible.

In case you need a refresher, a landing page is a single website page designed with a specific purpose — creating conversions and gathering leads. From promoting specific offers to increasing downloads of free e-books or other resources, landing pages are invaluable to clients in almost any niche when it comes to boosting conversions with minimal investment.

If you’re running a client’s campaign, you need to reliably produce results. Landing pages allow you to quickly test, optimize, and build on existing campaigns in innovative ways. Scalable marketing strategies are on the rise, and when more companies have the goals of generating more leads, increasing brand awareness, and closing more deals, landing pages make more and more sense.

What Types of Agencies Should Create Landing Pages?

Landing pages can be used in a variety of different ways for numerous types of businesses, making them invaluable to agencies. There are, however, a few specific types of agencies that might benefit the most from offering landing page design and building services to their clients. For these four types of agencies, landing pages support both their marketing strategies as well as their clients’ needs particularly well.

Digital Marketing Agencies (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Conversion Rate Optimization)

Digital marketing agencies, such as those focused on SEO, PPC, and general conversion rate optimization, can perform real marketing miracles with the right landing page. Whether helping clients appear higher in search engine results for relevant keywords or optimizing for growth via direct marketing strategies, post-click landing pages can be anywhere from a helpful bonus to critical in boosting conversions.

Aside from optimizing keyword density, tags, and descriptions, all while staying on top of every Google search update, SEOs have started using strategic landing pages to assist in organic search frequency and organic rankings. Considering that SEO has become more competitive than ever, finding new and easier ways to leverage existing tools, like landing pages, is particularly useful.

Conversion rate optimization specialists might rely more on PPC ads, email marketing, and other direct marketing tactics to steer visitors to landing pages. Marketers with expertise in A/B testing services, multivariate testing, and page conversion optimization shouldn’t overlook the possible gains from using landing pages.

Content Marketing Agencies

Online content has immense potential to support and boost marketing campaigns. With a cornerstone in storytelling, content marketing might not seem immediately compatible with landing pages. The content on landing pages, however, is just a different, and more succinct, type of storytelling.

Landing pages don’t have to disrupt other content marketing efforts. Content marketing agencies can create landing pages that focus on high ROI optimization over a longer timeframe while still focusing on creating blog content, marketing collateral, and compelling web pages.

Social Media Marketing Agencies

With the explosive growth of social media, social media specialists and corresponding agencies are in higher demand. With new ways to study market behavior and interact with customers, these agencies manage and optimize businesses’ social media presence.

This usually includes Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, Pinterest boards, TikTok accounts, and Instagram profiles. This can span both paid and organic campaigns, and landing pages can provide a perfect tool to connect a brand’s loyal following with specific offers, promotional events, or product news.

Socializing with customers, creating high-engagement posts, and perfecting well-timed tweets can build brand awareness while also creating openings to send traffic directly to a post-click landing page. This is just yet another opportunity to provide value, increase engagement, and hook your client’s customers.

Web Designers

Web design agencies specialize in helping people create beautiful, functional websites and pages. These developers often offer services like website design, backend development, and mobile-responsive optimization. Unsurprisingly, landing pages fit in well with their existing strategies and services.

When clients expect you to develop a website from scratch, it’s common practice to create several standalone pages intended to convert prospects that arrive at the site from multiple places or specific promotions.

Most people are familiar with these landing pages just from browsing the web. The ability to quickly create attractive landing pages is critical for web design agencies as their list of clients and services expands.

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What to Include in Landing Page Services

If you’re planning to offer landing page services soon or upgrade your current landing page offerings, there are two components to keep in mind when considering what to include in your services. It can be helpful for your agency to decide how you’ll handle building landing pages for your clients as well as the conversion optimization and upkeep aspects of the service.

Landing Page Creation

This is the primary service you’ll be offering your clients. Through landing page creation, you’ll be offering the ability to gather more leads and hopefully close more sales from both new and existing campaigns.

Various components, such as development or writing, will depend on discussions you have with your clients and the agreement you reach. Regardless, the right landing page builder can make this process simple.

Besides the landing page itself, your agency might consider offering creative services for pop-ups, upsell pages, or follow-up “Thank You” pages.

Upsell and follow-up pages aren’t always considered as a part of the landing page creation process, but following a successful conversion with one of these pages is a prime opportunity to build customer goodwill, increase value, and possibly increase revenue for your client. When it comes to landing page creation, it’s best to follow a number of landing page best practices.

Conversion Optimization

Your agency will probably also be handling the service and maintenance side of landing pages. It’s important to consider how you plan to present your services to your clients: will this be something that provides ongoing value? How long can they expect support from you?

Conversion optimization can include things like upsell opportunities, revamping old offers and campaigns, and A/B testing different landing pages to build value and optimize gains.

Trying different headlines or CTA copy, swapping images, and tweaking offers are some examples of the type of value you can include in your conversion optimization services.

This can grow in scope as you solidify your relationship with a client and learn more about their market.

You can even try Landingi’s EventTracker tool to check how users interact with your pages and what obstacles they encounter on the path to conversion.

How Much Should You Charge Clients for Landing Pages?

Once you’ve outlined your services, you have to decide how much to charge your clients for landing page design. As for any business, pricing can depend on factors like competition, the scope of work, and expected results or necessary support.

You might also need to evaluate how your landing page services fit your individual client’s business model. We’ve put together a general guide to help you get started.

Tier 1 ($150 – $1K)

In the lower price range, these might be common landing pages you would create for clients. This could include simple pages that don’t require extensive design work, research, or writing. These might also be pages that are toward the top of the funnel or basic pages promoting lower-ticker offers.

These pages could also include “Unsubscribe” pages, “Thank You” pages, “Coming Soon” pages, personalized “404” landing pages, simple click-through pages, splash pages, or squeeze pages. While these sorts of pages can contribute to overall leads, they’re also easy to create for clients and can be effective for extended periods of time with little revision or editing needed.

Tier 2 ($1K – $3K)

Toward the middle of the price range, you can include more complex or revenue-responsible landing pages. For these pages, you might be conducting a more detailed analysis of your client’s business and customers while requiring the involvement of more specialized roles like copywriters, designers, or various marketing experts.

Some examples of pages included in a package like this could be event landing pages to promote and sell tickets, a “Getting Started” landing page to educate customers and encourage them to begin a free trial, or an in-depth lead capture page designed to bring in valuable traffic for the long term.

Tier 3 ($5K+)

In this price range, you’re likely directing a lot of resources toward your client. These pages might require extensive and dynamic elements, exhaustive research, detailed copywriting, or content creation. This could be a single detailed page or a series of several smaller pages, but this will be a marketing investment with the potential to create lasting results.

A long-form sales landing page spanning thousands of words could fall in this price range since it would require hours of intensive work or market study. If you’re managing a large PPC campaign for your client, the landing page package for that project might also fall in this range, depending on how many post-click landing pages you’ve agreed to create for the campaign.

However you price your services, make sure to be transparent with your clients. Ensure that they know what they’re getting for their investment and what they can expect from you.

At the same time, your pricing strategy should ensure that you’re fairly compensated for your time and effort needed to manage each project. Overall, both you and your client should feel that the price matches the value of the services.

Why You Should Use a Landing Page Builder

By now you’ve figured out that landing pages can be a powerful and useful asset for your agency, but how do you plan on putting them together?

Traditionally, this process could be difficult and slow, requiring coding knowledge and web development skills. That can add up to a lot of time and money, especially when you consider A/B testing and optimizing multiple pages.

Landing page builders make this kind of manual development unnecessary. No coding experience? No problem. Not only do landing page builders require little experience to get started, but they’re also often much faster than coding, and they include features to help you create your best landing pages.

An easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder allows you to create, launch, and optimize campaigns quickly, turning more traffic into revenue without hiring extra development resources or losing time learning technical coding skills.

You can make use of pre-made templates, add and remove sections, change color palettes, images, fonts, and more to match your brand style, all while seamlessly integrating with the marketing tools you already use.

Use Landingi to Create Landing Pages for Your Clients

If you don’t have a developer on staff or the budget to hire one, Landingi can enhance your landing page creation services. With real-world marketing knowledge and years of development experience, we founded Landingi to revolutionize creating and testing post-click landing pages within minutes, no coding experience required.

Marcin Hylewski

Content Writer

Marcin Hylewski is a marketing content expert with over 5 years of expertise in content creation and has been involved in digital marketing for over a year. He writes about creating landing pages and optimizing their conversion rates. Currently, he is under the mentorship of Błażej Abel, the CEO of Landingi, a front-runner in landing page solutions.
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