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Speed up the creation process with 400+ customizable templates for landing pages, pop-ups and sections

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Integrate your pages with your favorite mar-tech apps and solutions to get the flow of your campaign going

Drive sales and conversions with irresistible product displays and seamless shopping experiences

Use a reliable and secure platform that smoothly handles millions of visits


Master digital marketing with the help from savvy professionals and increase your website’s conversions

Guides for beginners, set-up instructions and creation tips to get started and optimize your pages

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We keep an eye on the status of the platform

Do you want your landing pages to handle a lot of traffic? Choose Landingi.
Here you can check the status of the platform’s performance at any time, and receive notifications in case of platform emergencies.
We maintain 99.96% uptime.

Software and libraries update policy

We are committed to keeping our software and the libraries constantly updated and developed. You are using a tool that is constantly being improved.

Regular penetration tests by external companies specializing in cybersecurity

We regularly assess the security level of our platform and respond to any problems that arise.

Infrastructure based on Amazon Web Services cloud solutions

Like the biggest industry players, we use powerful and proven Amazon Web Services.

ReCaptcha-protected account

We use Google reCAPTCHA. It’s an anti-spam security feature that helps distinguish between online bots and real users. It makes it harder to hack into Landingi accounts.

Accounts protected from hacking attacks

We block accounts for 5 minutes after 5 failed login attempts. We also require you to create a strong password. This reduces the risk of an attack on your account.

Two-factor authentication

You can make use of the two-factor authentication (2FA). This security option will make it more difficult for unauthorized people to access your account.

User permissions

You can create separate accounts for separate team members. This way, only authorized people can make changes to specific account settings.

Audit log

With this feature, you can see when a given account user logged in and what changes they made. This allows you to find out who is responsible for a certain change.

Landing page history

Keep track of all changes to the landing page and restore a selected version, saved at any time. With this feature, you can undo accidental unwanted changes.


In Landingi, SSL certificate will be installed automatically when you add a domain to your account.

GDPR compliance

We know that when you register with Landingi, you expect the best data protection, so in order to meet your expectations, we fully comply with GDPR.

Data Privacy Officer

Our Data Privacy Officer, Pawel Salajczyk, can be contacted at

We will take care of your landing
pages’ performance

Landingi’s infrastructure is secure and constantly updated.
The pages you create with us will be stable and attract customers who pay attention to online data security.

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Let’s Encrypt will ensure an encrypted connection to the page and the transmission of data in encrypted form. This is particularly important if you are using forms and collecting data. Without proper care of the personal data, there can be no well-run and legitimate marketing campaigns.


GDPR regulates how individuals and organisations can obtain, use, store and delete personal data. So if you’re collecting leads on landing pages, use tools that are compliant with the GDPR – like Landingi.

Read more about how we comply with GDPR.

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We use Amazon Web Services to maintain the Landingi platform. Proven and solid solutions guarantee high uptime and a fast-loading editor. And this ensures that your landing pages will perform well and that you will be able to edit them quickly and efficiently.

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