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What Would You Like to Build?

Landing pages in Landingi

Landing pages

Create a visually stunning landing page with a design that mirrors your brand’s unique style. Engage visitors with great content, forms, and call-to-action buttons for maximized conversions.

Total creative freedom, automation options, and shorter time to build a high-converting landing page. Create landing pages that drive results.

Microsites and One-Pagers

Keep your audience focused on the goal of your page and significantly increase the likelihood of conversion. Benefit from quick loading times and responsive design that ensures your microsite looks great on any device.

Use microsites and one-pagers to delve deeper into specific campaigns or products, provide detailed information and experiences tailored to niche markets, and strengthen your brand’s presence in specialized areas.

One pagers in Landingi

Mobile Pages

Connect with your audience, turning every mobile interaction into an opportunity to grow your brand’s presence. Tailor your content to suit the unique context of mobile browsing, ensuring concise messaging, eye-catching visuals, and clear CTAs.

Benefit from the preview mode and great page speed performance designed to help you deliver a superior user experience. Provide your visitors with exceptional and seamless interactions, regardless of how they access your page.

Flexible Publishing Options

Custom domain

Unlock the full potential of your brand by publishing to a custom domain. Strengthen your brand identity and enhance your credibility with customers and search engines, setting a solid foundation for your online presence.


Publish your pages directly to WordPress to streamline your content management. Benefit from Landingi’s intuitive design tools and WordPress’s vast ecosystem to keep your online presence dynamic, updated, and perfectly aligned with your audience’s expectations.

.PHP file embed

Integrate your landing pages into your existing .php environment, ensuring that your custom pages blend flawlessly with your site’s overall design and functionality. Embed the .php file once and manage updates in Landingi.

Publishing option in Landingi: custom domain
Publishing option in Landingi: WordPress
Publishing option in Landingi: embed
Writer in Landingi


Use AI Assistance to craft compelling content that aligns perfectly with the page’s design.

Smart sections in Landingi

Smart Sections

Apply changes universally, ensuring that all pages remain up-to-date and relevant.

Forms in Landingi


Transform interactions into connections with uniquely designed forms that engage.

Popups in Landingi


Capture attention and deliver targeted messages at the right moment. 100 + templates.

Post campaign redirection in Landingi

Post-campaign Redirection

For strategically guiding visitors to next steps after the campaign is over.

Thank you page in Landingi

Thank You Page

For setting the stage for future interactions and building lasting connections.

Sticky bar in Landingi

Infobar (sticky bar)

For keeping the visitors informed about important stuff.

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