Landing Page Personalization Case Studies

Remember this “Minority Report” scene, where Tom Cruise’s character sees personalized ads while walking through the city? At the time, the idea of ads that “know you” was far-fetched and unrealistic. This was 2002; we didn’t even have Facebook or the iPhone yet. But then technology took a few leaps forward, and voila! Personalization became
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nless you’re a U.S.-based Church employee or pastor, you’ve probably never heard of ProChurch. By the time you finish this article, that’ll change – and you may find yourself wanting to know even more about the company. Why? Because despite being unknown to the general public, ProChurch provides 500+ churches with a mix of landing
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How to Build the Perfect Landing Page Form

How to Build the Perfect Landing Page Form blog image

Your landing page is the “face” of your website. It’s the first thing people see and your best chance to make a strong impression. It’s also a critical point in the customer journey process. If you get someone’s e-mail, you can send them marketing messages repeatedly. This multiplies your chances of getting their business. If
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