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Video – 5
Team – 5
Opening hours – 5
Opening hours – 4
Opening hours – 1
Features – simple – 1
E-book – simple – 1
Counter – 1
Contact – simple – 1
Contact – 8
Contact – 5
Contact – 4
Contact – 3
Footer – simple – 2
Footer – simple – 1
Footer – 3
Header – 9
Header – 1

Choose from more than 400 landing page and pop-up templates

Choose a template and create effective landing pages faster than ever before.

We have prepared fully editable templates for companies in various industries, where you need to replace the text and some images, adjust the color scheme, add branding to match your brand identity, and become an effective way to promote your products and services. A carefully prepared website will help you attract the attention of not only regular customers, but also new ones.

Consumers will decide more quickly on a given purchase, thanks to the skillfully presented information on your landing page template.

With Landingi, you can create an effective landing page in minutes with no coding skills required. Our drag and drop builder, combined with over 400 templates, gives you the power to quickly create personalized and engaging landing pages.

It's an exceptional time-saver that in return yields impressive results in the form of more website visitors.

You don't need additional people to create a good website, with Landingi you are fully independent and have the ability to choose a template according to your needs and expectations.

Create the image of your company on the landing page yourself and enjoy exceptional results from your sales.

Moreover, such prepared pages are responsive on any device, including smartphones. You can also integrate them with third-party tools to further optimize your promotional campaigns and better develop your sales funnel.

So choose your target and industry to find tailored, effective landing page templates for your promotional or sales campaign. Then, a higher conversion rate is just a few clicks away!

14-day free trial.
Landing page templates page main image showing a selection of templates from Landingi
Multipurpose landing page

Multipurpose landing pages

A good landing page template has all the elements to attract new visitors and convert them into brand advocates. When people land on your page, remember to navigate them through the homepage and add a clear call to action buttons.

The unique advantage of this strategy is that it is free and effective. Create your concept today and watch your sales stats skyrocket!

With Landingi’s help, you will create the site for the following:

  • Coupon or e-book download,
  • Sale of product or service,
  • Webinar, newsletter, or event signup,
  • Coming soon promotional campaigns,
  • Recruitment,
  • Company presentation.

What about Landingi say users?

Let’s check what about our landing page builder says users

“I feel Landingi has a very good balance of capabilities and interface speed. The number of integrations with third-party apps is also really good. ”

Luc Devoto
Founder at TrueCounsellor

“Quick and easy to create, design and launch landing pages and has helped to increase conversion rates on our sites. ”

Mark Neale
Head of Paid Marketing at Adtrak

“Nice templates you can customize, and a true pixel-perfect WYSIWYG editor means if you can dream it you can build it. ”

Christopher Rush
Account Manager at Off2Class

“We build, launch, analyze and integrate our landing pages with multiple tools from our marketing stack. Our clients have been satisfied with the time of delivery, the quality and the results. ”

Alfredo Castro
Marketing Ops & Tech Manager at MarketLogic

“Landingi is incredibly easy to use, it allows building landing pages in minutes without the need for any web developer skills. ”

Marius Ghitulescu
Growth Hacker at eJobs
Who should explore landing page templates in practice?

Who should explore landing page templates in practice?

The landing page builder is an excellent, clutter free tool for entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, bloggers, and advertising agencies.

No need to build a page from scratch significantly reduces work time and speeds up the implementation of promotions. Sales pages from a template need to be edited by dragging and dropping individual elements so that, in just a moment, you can publish the finished high converting page under the chosen domain.

Without the need to engage a graphic designer, or developer, use WordPress themes, or HTML template - with Landingi, you will plan all sales funnel stages and increase the conversion rate.

Using a good landing page template and integrating it with different types of widgets will increase market success, as you can keep track of the results achieved from your campaigns and make improvements in lead generation by a specific call to action and content.

Why use landing page templates?

Fully customizable

The landing page builder includes a set of simple layout templates that can be used for various industries. Integration with third-party tools and Unsplash gives you plenty of opportunities to personalize their appearance.

You can change virtually every element on the website template - from graphics to fonts and backgrounds to icons. You might also choose high converting video templates and many more features.

Also you can find your dream landing page template within a free 14-day subscription. Unlimited downloads of specific templates is single action that will bring you closer to getting the best look for your landing page!

Ease of choice

All you need to do is select one of the more than 400 ready-made sales page templates and customize it according to your needs and preferences with a few clicks. We will guide you through the whole process step by step.

So no worries - you will manage the task perfectly and, without the developer's help and HTML template coding, create an optimized, well–designed landing page that generates leads, engages customers, and increase sales and conversion rates.

Corporate image for many entrepreneurs is a real priority. If you want to be fully satisfied with the image of your own company, then you should definitely take advantage of creating landing pages using our templates.

The whole process is intuitive and easy, and the final result will fully reflect what you expect from a well-presented website. That's why we encourage you to start a trial period to create your first well–functioning landing pages!

Why creating landing pages from templates is so compelling?

Why creating landing pages from templates is so compelling?

1. With the help of a page builder, you can establish your brand's online presence and build a large mailing base. Landing page responsive templates are waiting and ready for editing.

2. We do not require you to have programming or graphic design skills - multiple landing pages can be edited by dragging and dropping selected elements. This is much simpler than building pages with HTML template.

3. Intuitive wizards provide working comfort on built-in, ready-made landing page examples. The well designed website will be ready with just a few clicks and will have all the essential elements.

4. By changing texts, fonts, background color, action button, compelling copy, and images in one of the sales page templates, you will quickly and efficiently personalize it with your company branding.

5. You will also easily take care of the page's responsiveness, as the selected template design can be previewed on mobile devices on different screen sizes already at the development stage.

Pick a landing page from a template and boost your business!

Free high converting landing pages await you – try them for 14-days at no charge!

Prepare a good sales page template in minutes

1. Intuitive editing

With the help of ready-made landing page template, creating simple sales pages takes little time and effort - this is guaranteed by the user-friendly interface and drag and drop builder functionality.

Intuitive editing means ease of creating not only the image of the page, but also the very information that will reach the customer in the first place.

2. Ideal for non-programmers

We don't require you to have programming or graphic design skills or to create HTML template - pre-build websites available at Landingi are waiting to be customized for your business.

This is the best solution for you, especially if you value individual work and an effect based on your own ideas.

3. Sales page integrations with other tools

By choosing Landingi, you will seamlessly integrate prepared landing pages with external tools, supporting your marketing and lead nurturing activities.

You will spend a small amount of time doing this and the visual and practical effect itself is sure to fully satisfy you.