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Entertainment landing page
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No coding skills? No problem! We do not require any programming knowledge from Landingi users. Keep your landing page templates HTML free (at least on the surface) – just drag and drop the elements, and our editor will take care of the technical stuff.

However, if you feel like enhancing your landing page with a little coding, you can still add some lines of HTML of JS code to end up with a more advanced landing page.

Many ways to convert

Sign up to Landingi platform to choose from our landing page templates for lead generation, content download, event or newsletter signups and other conversion goals. Embed a simple form and encourage visitors to sign up. Remember to include as few fields as possible.

Worried about your landing page templates design? Begin with our ready-made templates and edit them as much as you need to suit your brand image. After you create the first landing page, you can speed up your work by duplicating it and adjusting details depending on the campaign’s needs.

Mobile-ready, yet customizable

Make your landing page templates responsive. Free trial gives you the possibility to see how forms, timers and videos will work on mobile devices. Although the mobile view is ready for each template, you can still edit and polish it.

If you’re in need of further modifications, that’s even better! There are external integrations and custom modifications available for you to test. Sign up now and find out how Landingi editor can aid you in reaching your marketing goals.

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Browse landing page templates sorted by industry and conversion goals to quickly find what you need. We’ve prepared over 400 fully-customizable landing page, pop-up and funnel templates for you to choose from. Each one includes widgets that come in handy in a given industry and some tips on what to include in the copy on your page. Drag and drop editor makes creation faster and easier – how about publishing a landing page in under an hour?

Which widgets do you need the most?

What else can you edit once you choose your landing page template? Video in the background can be a great idea! Enhance your landing pages with animations, graphic assets, built-in icons, images and fonts. Display popups once users reach a given scroll depth or add your own CSS styles. Finally, modify widgets’ visibility on chosen views (desktop and mobile).

Go beyond Landingi

Need even more features? Choose one of landing page templates for WordPress and publish it under your own domain. Integrate your landing page with an email marketing tool of your choice and enroll leads in your marketing campaigns. You can also sell your products on landing pages making use of external integrations, monitor traffic using analytical tools or, if it still isn’t enough for your needs, create your own integrations in Zapier.

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