Landing page templates for electronic equipment and household appliance industries

Last updated: November 21, 2023 Written by: Paulina Kamińska
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    The most frequently bought products on the internet are cosmetics, books, CDs and clothes. However, it appears that we spend the most money online on electronics. In this category the most popular are tablets, smartphones, laptops and TV sets. If you work in the e-commerce industry and your business activity focuses on selling electronic equipment and household appliances, you can successfully advertise them by use of the landing page. Below we present three landing page templates prepared specially for this industry, which will make creation of a successful landing page even easier.

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      1. Landing page – presentation of the offer

      Landingi templates

      Landingi templates

      The first template can be used for presentation of the entire current special offer of your shop. The landing page will, in this case, serve as a transitional page that should encourage the visitor to proceed to the shop, where the action can be realized. An advantage of this template is that you can present here your entire offer, without adding links to other sections of the shop. It will make the visitor concentrate only on the offer that you’ve chosen.

      2. Landing page – sale of one product

      This landing page template is adapted, first and foremost, for presentation of one product. If there is a product on your offer that you really care about right now, this template will fulfill its role perfectly. Place a picture of the product in this template and write about its most significant characteristics. If you can get feedback from satisfied customers that have purchased a given product before, adding their opinions on the landing page will be another advantage.

      3. Landing page – getting a discount code

      Among popular forms of using the landing page in online campaigns there is the possibility to get a discount code for chosen products. This way is especially useful if you would like to obtain contact data from potential customers. Getting the code will be possible only after entering required information into the form placed on the landing page.

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