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Last updated: October 18, 2021 Written by: Karolina Niegłos

Each of us has to face a new, difficult reality. We, at Landingi, are also aware that many further actions must be taken in order to continue pursuing aims and goals.

In adapting to this unusual situation, we would like to take steps and offer our clients help that will support efficient work on Landingi platform and suggest solutions for those who spread the necessary knowledge about the precautions and threats resulting from the global epidemic.

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    We’ve increased the limit of platform users

    To improve and increase the comfort of remote work, we have expanded the limit of Landingi account users in plans:

    • Core – up to 5 users 
    • Create – up to 15 users 
    • Automate – up to 20 users

    We offer free online consultations with our experts

    We all have to follow the top-down recommendations so that there is a chance to minimize the problem of coronavirus spreading. Currently, all industry meetings, conferences, and workshops are canceled, so we offer you online meetings with our experts. If your organization needs advice on how to reach the most significant number of recipients with information on methods of coronavirus prevention, contact us by writing to and arrange for a free consultation with an expert at your convenience.

    We’ve made our tools available free of charge to organizations that disseminate essential information on coronavirus

    It is important for us to ensure that all social initiatives, NGOs and non-profit organizations that raise awareness of how to prevent the further spread of coronavirus have the necessary means to carry out their missions without interruption. Therefore, we make our tool available free of charge for as long as needed. If your organization would like to use our platform to move and continue its activities on the Internet, please contact us at Describe how you want to support others and we will offer you the best solutions for your organization. As Landingi, we remain open and willing to contribute to information campaigns aimed at the public.