Marketing Trends 2018 in the eyes of Landingi

Last updated: November 14, 2023 Written by: Kinga Edwards
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    Hey, 2017, you’ve been good to us! But as you’re coming to an end, and we won’t see each other again, it’s high time to think about your younger brother called 2018. We’ve heard he will bring some new marketing trends 2018 with himself, and it seems we overheard a few words. We’ll verify it… next year!

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      What are the most crucial marketing trends 2018 in the eyes of Landingi?


      Even if marketing automation is rapidly growing and many marketers appreciate its role, in 2018 they can’t forget about personalizing content and campaigns. Personalization can really work wonders for your brand and win your customers hearts (and loyalty), no wonder it is included in marketing trends 2018. Just check out what Demand Metric study showed about performance of personalized content:

      marketing trends 2018

      Personalizing content is just a must in 2018, as no one wants to interact with automated content that is sent by machines knowing nothing about the audience. Digging into who your end customer is can help you curate some content and getting to know their requirements and needs. We don’t have to add that it can reflect in better sales results, higher conversion rate and meeting business goals, right?

      Here at Landingi, we know what personalization is about – that is why we offer a range of features to prove this point and personalize your landing page in a heartbeat. You can check them out here.


      Although it is not the newest term, it enhances its meaning all the time. Social+Local+Mobile marketing will play a crucial role in your strategy next year (if it is not already what you’re into). Check out more about one of marketing trends 2018:

      Social -> Consumers are looking for social activities such as reading and writing reviews, rating products or sharing opinion via social networks. Statistics say for themselves – 62% online shoppers read product-related comments from friends on Facebook, and 75% of these shoppers click through to the retailer’s site (source: Sociable Labs Social Impact Study). Your potential clients are social and will be even more.

      Local -> Everyday millions of people use mobile or location based services. Hyper-local offers will be something that can win your customers hearts and boost your sales. Sending messages based on a particular group’s location increases possibility of using the offer. Local marketing is a great and low-cost opportunity for attracting new people or appealing to current customers. Receiving a message about the offer you can use right here and right now increases the likelihood of doing so.

      Mobile -> 82% of smartphone owners said they always have their phones with them when they are in-store (source: Vibes Mobile Consumer Report). Here comes the usage of SMS, personalized e-mails or beacons. We live in the mobile world, so as a brand you need to do your best to use it best. By check-ins, sharing stuff on social media, updating your social platforms they can interact with your brand.

      marketing trends 2018

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      We can observe a constant growth of video content throughout the Net. Even in this article, we put some interesting facts and statistics about using video content on your landing page (it can help you growth conversion by 86%!). What is quite easy to predict and keep an eye on is a development of this format – especially if there are many tools helping out with creating your own video content. It is not the only thing though. What will really matter is the fact how brands can adapt to live videos. Would they include live relations in their strategies, or they would stick with ready-to-go videos made post factum? We all saw how it worked with Snapchat, where the half-live video content went missing after 24 hours, leaving those who didn’t see it in a kind of grief. Living in an era of FOMO (fear of missing out), or even more relevant – FOBO (fear of being offline), creating a video content that disappears can be even more attractive and exciting than before, cause your audience would have a limited time to get familiar to it. This may visibly help for further analytics and actions as well as study your audience behavior. So, 2018, show us what you got.

      marketing trends 2018


      Every year is a year of mobile. No matter if you’re laughing at this now, or you took it as something obvious, you need to agree and suit all your activities for mobile. Good, old RWD will definitely not be sufficient this upcoming year. You need to be as mobile as possible, enhancing your customer experience and shortening any of the shopping paths. People tend to see something on mobile and take the action online or even offline, so make the most of the potential of mobile for your business. Marketing trends 2018 simply had to consist of mobile factor.

      We are more mobile than w ethink we are – for many people picking up their phone is the very first thing they do in the morning and the last one they do before falling asleep. Remember about it, as they can be your target group.

      marketing trends 2018


      No “one size fits all” here. People want to get replies here and now, and any waiting time is bad. Obviously, it is not possbile to always provide with the best answer immediatelly, but customer service on social media and on your website needs to be focused on response time. Some chatbots, live chat services, widgets and tools may be of help for your whole team and help you offer solutions and answer your customers needs. Work on how to solve your problems with efficient customer service and don’t let your customers wait to long for replies.

      marketing trends 2018

      Some of these trends you may have already noticed and even implemented for your brand. Some of them seem to be obvious, but there are still many companies that are not really interested in checking it out. And what in your opinion will be the most crucial trend for 2018?

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