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Saving money on digital marketing campaigns: landing pages and more


Everybody keeps talking about running more and more effective digital marketing campaigns. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some really good pieces of advice, that would help your company get more brand awareness, make contact with more potential customers and – in a long shot – earn more money. Let’s be honest – in the end that’s what keeps businesses running. But that was “if you’re lucky” version. There’s plenty of roads in digital marketing that might lead to dead ends.

Read this article and learn to:

Each campaign can be boosted with a bigger budget, but the results won’t be necessarily better. The internet is swamped with warning messages about wasting budgets (and the deeper you search,  the more it seems you can waste):

Clickbaits aside. Of course you don’t want to waste your budget, but fear not, there is a couple of solutions to avoid it.

Save yourself from disappointment

You may think (or you may have thought) that directing the traffic to a company’s website will do the trick and you will get many customers from it. That’s not how it works. Maybe you’re rolling your eyes now thinking “yeah, I already know that”… but many marketers don’t. Save yourself from disappointment and stop treating a business’ homepage as a lead-generating platform. Still, only 16% of landing pages have abandoned navigation bars. No wonder the internet is stuffed with “why are my conversions so low?” questions.

There are two pieces of advice I want to give you now. One: start using landing pages in your marketing campaigns (if you haven’t already). And two: spend some time optimizing them. It may not sound appealing, but it truly is the time well spent.

And since we’re talking about time…

Save your time

Sometimes I’ve got a feeling that many things can be done a little bit faster, especially when it comes to creating content for blogs and websites, but also while designing webpages. The natural next step of such thoughts is to start searching for something to speed up the process with.

Coming up with a complete digital marketing campaign takes much more time, if you don’t assemble a plan first. But even planning ahead doesn’t guarantee your work will be time-efficient.

Although some marketers create new landing pages for each marketing campaign, I would rather recommend reworking your existing landing pages. That can be achieved with one-click duplication feature, available in some landing page platforms, such as ours.

Instead of building a new landing page every time you need to run a new digital campaign, you can use a previously-created base and design something new on top of it. Of course, if offers are completely different, it’s no use, but for a car rental company or real estate agency that seems to be a useful feature.

Build landing pages super fast

Save your money

You know what they say about getting things done well and fast – it usually doesn’t come cheap. And that’s usually true, but not always. Our solution for too expensive website or landing page design is the tool that lets you create landing pages and popups without any programming or designing skills. Landingi offers intuitive, drag and drop functionality thanks to which there are no things you can’t do on your own:

And if you’re up to starting your campaign in a day or two, there’s still a way to do it. Instead of building from scratch, you can select one of over two hundred templates for both landing pages and pop ups. From this point you’re ready to add your own polish to it and – of course – your contents.

Working with Landingi can save you a lot of money otherwise spent not only on designers and programmers but also on ineffective marketing campaigns directed to a company’s homepage instead of a landing page.

Building landing pages doesn’t mark the end of the story, as setting up the campaign, directing traffic and analyzing the data are the next unskippable steps of the process. Oh, and don’t forget that landing pages optimization is at least equally important.

To squeeze even more out of your marketing budget while maximizing conversions, try implementing pop ups and/or funnels to your campaigns.

There’s a reason I call Landingi a money-saving solution. An Automate plan, for example, features not only page-building tools, but also funnels, advanced integrations, autoresponder as well as A/B tests, perfect for optimizing your pages – all this for a reasonable price of $59/month:

Save your customers’ money

If you work for various customers, you probably know that reducing expenses is one of the best things you can offer. Building landing pages and pop ups in Landingi requires far less time and effort than having a web developer program all this.

Landingi features make work more effective and money-saving both for you and for your customers. Join forces of up to 40 of your employees on one Landingi account. Fit the pricing to your needs by choosing the actual number of subaccounts you’ll be needing.

Running an online business means there’s no escape from advertising online. Make it a painless process with an affordable and fully-functional tool. And if you’re not quite sure how to start with building your own landing pages, pop ups, funnels and all this, look it up in Landingi’s knowledge base.

Save money on marketing campaigns

Sylwester Karnuszewicz

Content Specialist

Sylwester Karnuszewicz is a marketing content expert with over 4 years of experience in digital marketing and landing page creation.
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