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landing page builder

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Pick the template

One of our landing page creator’s most useful features is the package of over 300 landing page templates built-in our platform.

Choose the category that fits your industry best, browse through the templates, and select the desired one. After that, you’re already a few steps ahead!

landing page builder landingi

Adjust to your needs

Once you’ve picked your template, it’s time to name your landing page and start editing. Switch placeholders for your own copy, upload images, videos and icons or dive into the Landingi images library, which contains over 5,000 assets free of charge.

Drag an element from the menu on the left and drop it anywhere you want, then adjust its size and style.

Everybody knows how important Responsive Web Design is. If what you need is a mobile landing page just switch to the mobile tab, and start creating a unique mobile experience for your visitors.

landing page builder form

Think the form over

The heart of almost every landing page is a form. Create a proper one, and continuously capture valuable leads. Paying attention to this element is crucial.

Drag & drop the “form” widget and click “settings” to add or remove custom fields to get the most important contact data from your visitors. You can also set up one of the integrations available in Landingi.

thank you page

Say 'thank you' for the conversion

A thank you page is the perfect place to say a few nice words to those who decided to fill the form. It’s also a way to explore upsell possibilities – offer additional services, present other products or let know about upcoming events.

Our landing page builder toolbox includes a dedicated thank you page creator, available in the second tab of each landing page you design.


Launch your landing page

Landingi is not only a landing page creator, but it also brings an opportunity to publish newly-designed pages in one click! Hit the “Publish” button to see your landing page go live on our test domain instantly.

If you want your landing page to be published under your custom domain, add it to your account in a few simple steps. You can also publish your landing pages directly in your WordPress using Landingi WordPress plugin.

300+ customizable landing page templates

Ecommerce landing page example
Ecommerce popup
Mobile landing page for ecommerce
Real estate landing page
real estate popup
Real Estate mobile landing page
Education webinar LP
Education webinar popup
Education webinar mobile
Finance landing page
Finance popup
Finance landing page on mobile
Sports discount LP
Sports discount popup
Sports discount mobile

“We find Landingi a very convenient tool for landing page creation and management. The thing we value the most is the flexibility of the tool and the fact that we can adjust it to our needs. ”

Rafał Krzyżański
Head of E-commerce at Player

“Love it. Easy to use, nice templates. Makes setting up a single-page or landing site easy. If you need to set up a quick landing page, this is the easiest way to do it! ”

David Hooper
Boss at Big Podcast

“Quick and easy to create, design and launch landing pages and has helped to increase conversion rates on our sites. ”

Mark Neale
Head of Paid Marketing at Adtrak

“Good landing page builder with lot of good quality included templates. Easy to use and quick. ”

Christo Fourie
Director at Value Hearing
Free 14-day trial. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Now that you're done...

Learn more about landing page creator possibilities


Catching users’ attention may be easier with easy-to-build pop-ups. Create one and use it for several landing pages or external websites, or duplicate it with one click, then edit and make dedicated pop-ups for each campaign.

Make use of triggers – display a pop-up at a certain scroll depth or try an exit intent popup to prevent users from leaving your landing page or website.

A/B/x Tests

There’s always something to improve in landing pages – try different headlines or replace an image with a video, but instead of rushing with uncertain changes, perform an A/B test and compare the two versions.

After a while, you’ll get the whole picture, knowing how many people visited every landing page variant, what the conversion rates were and which one is simply better.


Create marketing funnels to categorize and gather the most engaged leads from the visitors of your landing page.

Use our landing page funnel builder to design and plan the whole user path – from the first visit, through a few conversions all the way to the final point – whatever you want it to be.

Landing page grouping

You need plenty of landing pages and don’t want to search through a long, long list of them? Try landing page grouping, to keep all your work in order and make it easy to find whatever you, or your coworkers, need right now.

One-click duplication

Work more efficiently while creating lots of landing pages for different purposes. Duplicate whole landing pages or selected sections. Paste them into other landing pages to save time.

Custom code

Although we did our best to create software suitable for non-programmers, there are no limitations if you have coding skills and want to enhance landing pages with elements coded separately. Our landing page builder is HTML and JS ready – include custom codes wherever you need.

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