Publishing landing pages on your server

Last updated: August 7, 2020 Written by: Avatar Justyna
Table of contents
Table of contents

If you do not want to use the hosting option provided by Landingi, you can embed the landing page on your own server.

How to embed a landing page on your server?

1. Log into the platform and go to the Landingi tab.
2. In the list of all the landing pages find the one you want to add to your server and click in More (1). From the drop-down menu choose the Publishing Options (2).


3. In the new window, click on the option Embed on server.


4. In the next window, click on Download a .PHP file.


5. After download, add the PHP file on your server (via FTP client) in the chosen folder, depending on the path where the landing page should be displayed.

What should you remember about?

  • Generating a PHP file does not mean that the entire site and its contents (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) are placed in this file – it will contain only references to the appropriate resources, which will allow it to be available under your own domain.
  • Installing the SSL certificate is on your side.
  • The Landing Page edition is the same as before generating a PHP file. After making changes in the editor, click Publish – there is no need to generate the PHP file again. Changes on the landing page can be visible online up to few minutes after the publication.
  • Account expiration in Landingi platform will result that the landing page placed on your server will be unavailable to the users.

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