Forbidden subfolder (path) names

Last updated: December 1, 2023 Written by: Patrycja Szurgacz
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      You can publish your landing page to a subdomain with a subfolder if you've redirected the subdomain to Landingi. You can only add a single path, for example: You cannot add multiple path names, such as

      Remember that you can use only Latin script characters.

      There are several path names you cannot use: 

      • '/sitemap.xml'
      • '/robots.txt'
      • '/order'
      • '/max-unique-users.html'
      • '/favicon'
      • '/apple-touch-icon.png'
      • '/apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png'
      • '/email'
      • '/contact'
      • '/contact-us'
      • '/send'
      • '/facebook'
      • '/background'
      • '/backend'
      • '/picture'
      • '/style'
      • '/submit'
      • '/button'
      • '/track' and any path that starts with 'track', e.g., '/tracking-lead'
      • any names starting with "_", such as

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