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Last updated: October 25, 2021 Written by: Avatar Teresa
Table of contents
Table of contents

If you plan a social media campaign and want to extend your reach to Twitter, you can set up the open graph protocol to display your landing page thumbnail correctly. This can potentially boost your chances of gaining customers.

Set up an open graph for Twitter

1. Log in to the Landingi platform and then go to the editor of your landing page.

2. In the toolbar on the right, go to Page Settings and click on Additional Options.

When editing, you can go back to Page Settings by clicking on the arrow:

3. In the SEO tab, add a title, keywords, and description that will be displayed on your landing page thumbnail. Now paste the following meta tag into the Extra meta tags section:

<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image">

4. Go to the Social Share tab to customize the thumbnail. Enter a title, description, and upload the image. Save and close.

5. Publish your landing page and copy its URL.

6. Go to Twitter's Card Validator app. Use it to verify whether your open graph displays correctly. In the Card URL section, paste the URL, then click Preview card. On the right, you'll see if the open graph displays correctly.


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