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Last updated: July 29, 2020 Written by: Avatar Teresa
Table of contents
Table of contents

If you are planning a campaign in social media and want to extend your reach to Twitter, you can set the open graph protocol so that your landing page displays correctly. This will potentially increase the chance of attracting customers.

How can I set the open graph on Twitter?

1. Log in to the Landing platform, then go to editing the selected landing page.

2. In the right menu go to Settings and click the Additional options button.


3. In the SEO tab, give the title (1), key words (2) and description (3) that will be displayed on the thumbnail of your landing. In the Extra meta tags section, paste the following meta tag:


4. The meta tag given above may contain values ​​other than large, but it is recommended to use it.

5. Go to the Social share tab to set a thumbnail. Enter the title (1), description (2) and upload the picture of your choice (3).


6. Save changes, publish your landing page and copy its address. Go to the Card validator application on Twitter, which will allow you to check if the open graph is displayed correctly. Paste the address of your landing page into the Card URL section, then click Preview card. On the right you will see how your open graph is displayed and whether it is working correctly.


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