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Coming soon widget

Generate interest on your own terms

Use the 'coming soon' widget to let your visitors know about the upcoming products, services, or events. This feature can also be used to encourage to make a quick decision, which can be rewarded with a discount or exclusive content.

Your vision, your visuals

Use media resources you have created such as videos, images, and the company logo to make landing pages as unique as possible. Adding these elements in our drag & drop editor is easy and intuitive.

Scheduling feature

Everything right on time

The upcoming products or events are usually planned well in advance. Why not apply the same approach to your marketing actions? Schedule your landing pages and pop ups to launch and finish on a set date. Forget about last-minute publishing.

Go custom

Add your own CSS or HTML code to include elements you have used on other pages. You can also order additional scripts if you really want to upgrade your pages and pop ups.
Custom scripts are very popular in video game landing pages, but they can be equally effective in music and other entertainment categories.

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Entertainment landing page
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