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Instead of wasting hours on designing landing pages, use our ready-made landing page templates. Whether you’re an author or a marketer, you can save your time and own a professionally-looking page. There are templates designed precisely for ebook download or product sale in our platform to make it easier for you.

Get straight to the point of no return

It’s best not to dwell on the beginning of a book. The same goes for landing pages. Begin with a catchy phrase to make sure you have the reader’s attention. Then, slowly, present them with more: excerpts, trivia, author bio, videos, a glimpse of the plot or a countdown timer to show how much time has left until the book release date.

Always have someone to write to

Create a landing page where you share an excerpt from your book in return for an email address. If you work for a publishing company or you’re an indie publisher, it’s a great way to grow your email marketing base. Or maybe you’re an author looking for a literary agent? Grow your future reader list to gain a strong case in future contract negotiations.

It’s the characters, not the story

Remember to show what’s in your book for your readers. Make use of our landing page bulder – embed ratings and reviews from other authors in a given genre. Use social proof especially if you’re a self-publisher to prove you’re a professional worth reading.

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