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Duplicate your real estate landing pages

Scaling done easily

Using one template for multiple offers is easy as pie. Duplicate landing pages, pop ups and lightboxes with a single click, make necessary changes, and increase the scale as well as the efficiency of your actions. You can even duplicate specific sections if you want to save time.

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Start with the visuals

A large variety of templates allows you to diversify your visual options and alter the style to fit different types of products more specifically. Add images of your products to get potential leads interested right away. Remember to include a contact form.

It's time for integration

Say hello to automation

Integrate the tools you use for email marketing, social media and analytics to make more time to focus on creating the best real estate landing pages possible. For instance, you can integrate our platform with Google Analytics to measure the efficiency of your landing pages or pop ups.

Integrate the platform

Organize your results

If you sell multiple apartments at once, you know how frustrating it is to handle all the inquires. Our platform shows you the leads you have gained from each landing page separately, taking care of the chaos and allowing you to see clearly what each lead needs the most.

300+ landing page and pop up templates

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Real estate newsletter popup
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