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ensuring that your analytics are properly configured for accurate results


with the capability to maximize both micro- and macro-conversions effectively

EventTracker view all events on pages

giving you access to lots of valuable insights that can enhance your advertising efforts

A/B tests with EventTracker

enhancing A/B testing, Google Ads, remarketing, and ROAS outcomes

event tracker for forms

How can EventTracker help you increase the conversion rate?

Discover what resonates with your audience

Get insights into users’ behavior and interaction on your landing page. This will enable you to tailor pages to users’ specific needs and preferences.

See which elements distract the users

Analyze scrolling patterns, click behaviors, and user trends to identify elements on the desktop and mobile view that may distract users from their intended output.

Conduct data-driven A/B/x tests

Formulate a hypothesis based on the data. This will help you create better variants as you base them on data provided by the actual users. You won’t have to start with zero knowledge.

Track all elements on your landing page

View all events that can be generated on your landing page to understand the whole user interaction. All events are automatically displayed in your Dashboard.

How do you set it up?

You don’t.

It’s a built-in, hands-free and no-code feature.

You only need to publish and wait for the users to interact with your landing page. The data will show up in the Events tab in your Dashboard. There’s no need to set up each event separately.

If you have some time to spare, you can look at our quite lengthy post about tracking events in Google Analytics 4 for comparison.

How to set up EventTracker

Try EventTracker yourself

Play the interactive demo to see how EventTracker works

Which micro-conversions can you
track with EventTracker?

Tracking micro-conversions can reduce the cost of acquiring a lead by 45%
EventTracker button


Interaction with buttons, images, and icons

EventTracker forms


Form initiation, successful submission and errors

EventTracker video


Starting a video and watching a video in its entirety

EventTracker leads


Lead data for each form separately

EventTracker scroll


Four scroll depths – 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%

EventTracker pay buttons


Purchase completed via a PayPal, Stripe or PayU button

EventTracker lightboxes


Triggering and displaying a lightbox on a page

Compare Event Tracker and Google Analytics 4

EventTracker vs Google Analytics

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