[Customer’s Opinion] Everything Changed When We Switched to Landingi

Last updated: November 17, 2023 Written by: Kelly Grainger

There are moments in which we get to know that our everyday work matters. A few weeks back I had one of them. Kelly Grainger, CEO of CreoLogic, have contacted me to say thanks for Landingi and share his opinion about our tool. Read on and see what Landingi features are the best for Kelly and his team!

Sylwester from Landingi

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    Kelly Grainger, Guy in Charge of Everything @CreoLogic

    We operate a fast-paced online marketing company specializing in SEO, web design, and online advertising.

    In such a competitive industry, those who don’t move quickly and adapt will get left in the dust. That’s why we’re always keeping an eye out for ways we can increase our company’s conversion rates.

    Our background in SEO has helped us to rank among the top results in Google so getting traffic to our site has never been a problem, but, converting that traffic into customers has been a slightly more difficult endeavor.

    We knew landing pages are a big key to generating high conversion rates and we had even dabbled with a number of the most popular landing page-optimization tools on the market. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t seem to get any real traction.

    Until we found Landingi.

    Landingi has helped us increase our conversion rates substantially while saving our employees an enormous amount of time.

    Here’s why we believe Landingi is the best landing page tool in the business!

    Landingi Requires 0 Coding Skills

    Although our team is well-versed in the latest coding best practices, sometimes it’s nice (and faster) when someone else does it for you.

    We noticed that with Landingi’s custom templates and drag & drop page builder we could complete actions like mobile optimization and form creation much faster than if we were to do them ourselves.

    The upside here is that our employees who would have previously been assigned to creating our landing pages are now free to focus on other important areas of our business.

    Perfect for Copying Landing Pages

    Due to the nature of our business, we often need multiple landing pages for a variety of websites.

    With Landingi’s duplication settings, we can easily duplicate our favorite and best performing landing pages with just one click and transfer them to our other websites.

    We’ve found this to be a huge help because we’ve noticed that some of our landing pages are much more successful than others. Now, we can simply select those pages, transfer them to our new sites, edit the copy, and we’re done! This feature has helped save us countless hours on landing page creation.

    See how much you can gain

    Landingi has helped us increase our conversion rates substantially while saving our employees an enormous amount of time.

    Also, if you want to keep the overall design but tweak a few elements to make sure your landing pages are customized for each individual website, their landing page builder has a feature that lets you easily copy the desired individual elements you wish to transfer to your new page.

    Easy to Track Results

    We wanted a tool that could help us track how many visitors were landing on our pages and give us an idea of their behaviour. This way, we could figure out where we might be losing them after they’ve arrived at our site.

    Landingi is fully integrated with Google Analytics, helping us to see real-time data on our user’s behavior.

    We can also easily perform split tests to see which elements are responsible for each landing page’s success or failure. For example, we’ve tinkered with different copy, design, and even colors and compared them against an original test page to find out how we can maximize the conversion rates on our landing pages.

    Landingi’s Templates Look Fantastic!

    When we first started with Landingi, we were a little nervous to see how the design would actually fit in with the overall theme of our website.

    Stock designs stick out like a sore thumb and being an online-based company that provides web design services, design flaws are simply not an option for us – why would customers put their faith in us to build them a website if our site doesn’t look great?

    Thankfully, Landingi provided us with a choice of over 200 templates! They look good on their own, but we had a very specific idea of what we wanted. Luckily, these templates are also highly customizable and allowed us to tweak and tinker with the design until it was exactly what we envisioned. And you can use them for your WordPress landing pages as well.

    landingi templates

    We Can Easily Collaborate With Several Users

    Seeing as most of our work is done in an agency setting, we needed a tool that would allow us to collaborate with several different users across our company.

    With Landingi we were able to set up user sub-accounts that helped us do exactly that. Now, instead of having one person work on the page, we can have several people working together to create the most effective page possible.

    Also, if we can’t get in touch with the person who is responsible for creating the page because they’re at home sick or for whatever reason, we can easily just assign someone else to complete the task!

    Landingi Offers Flexible Packages

    When considering starting with Landingi, we knew a landing page tool could be extremely valuable because it could help us convert more of our traffic to customers, so we braced ourselves for a heavy price.

    We were pleasantly surprised when we learned we could pick from 4 different options (all under $60/month) depending on things like:

    • How many pages we needed.
    • Whether or not we wanted access to premium templates.
    • How many website visitors per month we receive.

    The ROI on this tool is unbelievable!

    Everything Changed When We Found Landingi

    It’s true that there are a lot of great tools out there that can help you build excellent landing pages.

    But from our experience – particularly as an agile marketing company – the combination of features and customer service provided by Landingi have been second to none!

    Ready to grow? Let’s get started!

    Join us and create the best-converting landing pages